Llais Gwirionedd

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Llais Gwirionedd
Voice of Truth
FormatOnline newspaper
Political alignmentNeutral
LanguageEnglish, Welsh
HeadquartersAmon Lasgalen

Llais Gwirionedd - Light of Truth in Welsh is an independent newspaper originally founded in 2014 in the Sorrenian Federation as a state-owned newspaper, intending to provide citizens with unbiased news.

Since the creation of the Kingdom of Sorrenia, Llais Gwirionedd was reformed; although now privately owned, the newspaper remains proud of its unbiased history, and continues to distance itself from taking any partisan stances. Though it maintains artistic support for the cultural ideology of Celticism, the paper remains valued as among the most reliable sources of information in Sorrenia.

Despite its credibility, most of the paper's readership are in the county of Amon Lasgalen, and the paper lacks the reach of any of the major newspapers in Sorrenia. Small numbers of readers are also present in the counties of Yorkshire and Teesside.