Christian Alliance of Sorrenia

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Old Monarchists
Rextudatlā Wextowiron Sorreniyācon
LeaderHenry Steventon
NewspaperThe Military Tribune
Ideology • Loyalism
 • Millomism
 • Conservatism
 • Northumbrianism
Internal Factions
 • Catholicism
 • Anglo-Catholicism
 • Protestantism
 • Konpantzia Thought
Official colours     Red (official)
     Black (customary)
King's Council
5 / 47
Papal Directorate
1 / 5
CountrySorreniaflagnew.png Sorrenia
The Military Tribune

The Christian Alliance is a political coalition in the Kingdom of Sorrenia. The party is generally defined by its support for the Sorrenian Monarchy, its right-of-centre economic policies and its belief that Christian ethics should determine Sorrenian social policy.

The Alliance initially began as the Old Monarchists, a term used to describe those members of the Royal Army who fought to install King Ronald I to the throne during the War of the Sorrenian Succession.

Although predated by the New Monarchists, they were so called because of their organisational ties to the Sorrenian Commonwealth Party, a monarchist party dating back to the Sorrenian Federation.

After the war was concluded, the Old Monarchists formed their own political party and entered into government with the New. After several months, the party changed its name and placed greater emphasis on religious politics, in the hope of preventing their being marginalised by the larger New Monarchists.


War of the Sorrenian Succession

Despite the name, the Old Monarchists were preceded by the New in the War of the Sorrenian Succession. Upon the claim made by King Ronald, many Sorrenians began to flock to the Royal Army, including monarchist groups tracing decent to the Commonwealth Party of Sorrenia.

During the War, a differentiation between New and Old Monarchists was not made, however after the war's conclusion they quickly split off into separate (though aligned) parties.

The Old Monarchists played a central role in the Royal Army's defeat of the Socialist League and Dradelia and Morgannwg.

Old Monarchists in Government

Upon the coronation of King Ronald, several Old Monarchists were elected to the King's Council. They primarily focused on upholding the new monarchy and defeating the continued insurgency.

The Old Monarchists quickly secured an electoral alliance with the New, and focused their efforts on winning seats in the west, and specific constituencies such as Ertawa.

Creation of the Christian Alliance

After lacklustre electoral performances, and a general concern that the party would be overshadowed by the New Monarchists, the Old reformed into the 'Christian Alliance', a group of conservative Christians who generally wished to push for right-of-centre economic and social policies.

The resulting shift away from monarchism in favour of religious politics has led to internal factionalism. Despite this, opinion polls suggest that the name change has aided the party, helping them to distance themselves from the New Monarchists.

Despite the name change, the party is still strongly supportive of the Sorrenian monarchy, and retains its electoral alliance with the New Monarchists, and its position in government.

Electoral Performance

Election year % seats won +/- Government
2018 I 18
3 / 12
3 junior party in coalition
2018 II 16
4 / 21
1 junior party in coalition
2018 III 16
7 / 49
3 junior party in coalition
2018 IV 19.5
7 / 49
0 in opposition
2019 I 13
2 / 49
5 in opposition
2019 II 16
5 / 49
3 junior party in coalition

Timeline of Party Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
JohnLambton.jpg Richard Brooker 04/04/18 Incumbent

Party Factions

Unlike all other Sorrenian political parties, the Christian Alliance's factions are determined largely by religious disagreement:

 • Catholic Bloc - the Catholics seek to protect Catholicism's special status in Sorrenia, also supporting the role of the Papal Directorate and opposing the Church of Amon Lasgalen's special status in the county of Amon Lasgalen
 • Anglo-Catholic Bloc - the Anglo-Catholics are ecclesiastically very similar to the Catholic Bloc, but seek to centre additional religious power in King Ronald and the Sorrenian monarchy
 • Protestant Bloc - the Protestant Bloc is made up of Anglicans, Methodists and various Evangelicals, all of whom support the party's social and economic policy, but seek to remove Catholicism's special status in Sorrenia, in favour of a wider christian Sorrenia
 • Konpantzia Thought - the only irreligious bloc in the party, the Konpantzians advocate for the establishment of new constitutional norms related to power sharing between monarchists and republicans

Policy Stances

 • Loyalism - the party remains in support of the kingship of Ronald I, and the Sorrenian monarchy more widely
 • Nationalism - the party seeks to uphold and develop a unique Sorrenian culture and identity
 • Conservatism - generally supportive of centre-right laissez-faire economics, the party is also strongly conservative socially
 • Northumbrianism - the Christian Alliance quickly adopted Northumbrianism onto its political platform, after it was first adopted by the New Monarchists

Key Members

 • Richard Brooker