Lasgalen Revolutionary Front

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Lasgalen Revolutionary Front
Ideology • Amon Lasgalen Independence
 • Celticism
 • Big tent
Internal Factions
 • Millomism
King's Council
0 / 47
Papal Directorate
0 / 5
Country Sorrenia

The Lasgalen Revolutionary Front is a small political party in the Kingdom of Sorrenia that aims to secure independence for Amon Lasgalen.


Sorrenian Federation

Amon Lasgalen first emerged under the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova, but entered a period of hiatus, reforming permanently under the Sorrenian Federation.

Amon Lasgalen quickly became a culture hub for Welsh-influenced Sorrenians, developing its own unique national myth, religion and language.

During this period, calls for independence were minimal; the Kingdom of Amon Lasgalen received significant support and funding from the Sorrenian central government, and the relationship was consistently positive.

Kingdom of Morgannwg

With the death of Sorrenia and the emergence of the State of Sorrenia, Amon Lasgalen declared independence, and was renamed the Kingdom of Morgannwg.

It quickly joined the Abeldane Empire, much to the dismay of some Amon Lasgalens, who complained that Sorrenian influence was being replaced by German influence. Nonetheless, Morgannwg remained an integral part of the Abeldane Empire, with only minimal calls for independence.

Kingdom of Sorrenia

With the eruption of the War of the Sorrenian Succession, Morgannwg attempted to remain independent. After the Sorrenian invasion of Dradelia however, they entered the fray and invaded southern Sorrenia. Morgannwgydd forced were eventually routed and the nation surrendered, and was reintegrated into Sorrenia under its previous name.

Whereas Dradelia quickly erupted into tension, with the militant Dradelian Revolutionary Front seizing much of the area, conflict in Amon Lasgalen was surprisingly minimal. Most Amon Lasgalenese sought to restore a sub-regional monarchy and secure protections for their culture, rather than full independence.

Emerging Separatism

Initially, many Amon Lasgalenese sought to influence Sorrenian policy through the Old Monarchists. Some provisions were secured, with the Welsh language retaining official status in Amon Lasgalen, and an independent Church of Amon Lasgalen receiving official status within the county. Some Amon Lasgalenese remained angry however that the monarchy had not been devolved.

As King Ronald showed no interest in relinquishing the title, some broke away from the Old Monarchists and formed the Lasgalen Revolutionary Front, named after the Dradelian separatist party. The LRF however disavows violence, and aims to secure independence through electoral means.

Electoral Performance

The party has thus far been unable to break through electorally, winning just 10% of the vote in Amon Lasgalen.

Election year % seats won +/- Government
2018 III 0.5
0 / 47
Steady 0 No unelected
2018 IV 0.5
0 / 47
Steady 0 No unelected

Timeline of Party Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
Llewelyn Gwyndyr 04/04/18 Incumbent

Party Factions

The LRF is generally divisible into three camps; the first, the 'Lasgalen Independence Caucus' is by far the largest:

 • Lasgalen Independence Caucus - making up the vast majority of the party, the LIC aim to secede from the Kingdom of Sorrenia, recreating an independent Amon Lasgalen monarchy. The caucus has disavowed any aims to rejoin the Abeldane Empire
 • Morgannwgydd Independence Caucus - the MIC similarly wishes to secede from Sorrenia, but wish to return to the Morgannwgydd period of Amon Lasgalen history, calling for a change in the name, flag, emblem and potentially a return to the Abeldane Empire
 • Millomists - the Millomists have abandoned calls for independence, and instead call for the creation of a devolved Green Parliament, the creation of some princely position, and general greater provisions for cultural independence


 • Amon Lasgalen Independence - the party seeks to restore Amon Lasgalen to independence, with the vast majority of members also supporting the restoration of an independent monarchy. Some seek to use the term 'Morgannwg', while others wish to retain 'Amon Lasgalen'
 • Celticism - the party is strongly supportive of creating and maintaining a unique Welsh-influenced Celtic culture. It is the only party to retain Celticism as an official policy
 • Big Tent - the party is mostly centrist and accepts all forms of views, with its priority focused on independence