People's Republic of Dale

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People's Republic of Dale
Red flag.png

Vanguard of the Revolution
The Internationale
Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Capital cityNew Revolution Square
Largest cityEngelsia
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)State atheism
GovernmentOne-party Communist State
LegislatureGrand Soviet
EstablishedOctober 2018
Area claimed392m2
Time zoneUTC

Map of Dale

The People's Republic of Dale is a small communist state located in south-east Oxford in the United Kingdom. The micronation is entirely located within the 'Ablethorpe Building', an accommodation block owned and maintained by Mansfield College, of the University of Oxford.


The People's Republic of Dale takes its name from the building which it inhabits. Although officially named the 'Ablethorpe Building', it is more commonly known by residents and students of Mansfield College as 'Dale'.


Government and Politics

Party Name Logo Leader Position Seats in the General Assembly
Dale Communist Party Far-left
26 / 31
Unity Bloc Left
5 / 31

Administrative Divisions

Map of Dale
Districts of Dale
Name Flag Pop. Area (m²)
New Revolution Square 0 80
Engelsia 20 78
Bolshevik City 16 95
Slavovia 12 52
New Ho Chi Minh City 18 44
October Revolution Square 6 43


Culture and Sports

Law and Order

Foreign Relations

The People's Republic is the sole nation to recognise the Revolutionary State of Dradelia, a separatist nation aiming to secede from the Kingdom of Sorrenia. Likewise, the RSD is the sole nation to recongise Dale.

The People's Republic of Dale is openly hostile to the Republic of Oxford, from whom they declared independence in October 2018. As a result, they are also hostile to Oxford's ally, the Kingdom of Sorrenia.

Recognised, no relations

Mutual recognition

Hostile relations