New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia

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New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia
Democrataidd-Ryddid Newydd Parti o Sorrenia
Leader Andrew Janiszewski
Founded 2013
Newspaper 'New Democratic Times'
Ideology  • Republicanism
 • Liberalism
 • Big tent
Internal factions:
 • Social democracy
 • Democratic Socialism
 • Social liberalism
 • Radical centrism
 • Classical liberalism
National affiliation People's Coalition
International affiliation Party of the International Left
Official colours Golden Yellow
National Assembly
3 / 15
Executive Assembly
4 / 9
Country Sorreniaflagnew.png Sorrenia
New Democratic Times
Party of the International Left

The New Democratic-Liberty Party is a centre-left Sorrenian political party, originally founded as the "Liberty Party" by Lewis Wild, it was set up within a few days of Sorrenian independence in 2013. The remnants of the LP were reorganized by Andrew Janiszewski, who renamed the party the "New Democratic Party" and moved the party towards a Social Democratic platform. The New Democrats would eventually go on to serve in government as the junior coalition partner of the Sorrenian Workers Party in an alliance known as the "People's Coalition of Sorrenia". Despite this, it is seen as unlikely that this alliance will continue on after the next election due to continuing tension between the two parties.

Ideologically, the party has shifted considerably since it's formation, adopting a more social liberal and social democratic line. However since the party reformed into the "New Democratic-Liberty" party as a result of the conclusions of its first ever party congress, the party has shifted once again back to the center. Some have observed an ideological split between the "old guard" or the "yellow's" who comprise of former members of the Liberty Party and follow more centrist or center-right politics and the new membership or the "orange's" who are generally more leftist and sympathetic to ideas such as social democracy and liberal socialism.

The New Democratic Party now has 4 seats in the National Assembly and 4 ministers in the Executive Assembly. The party is currently led by Alexei Janiszewski, and has 8 members, including such prominent Sorrenian politicians as the previously mentioned Janiszewski, Llewelyn Lawton, Donald West and Harry of Sorrenia, making it the second largest party in Sorrenia.


Liberty Party

The original incarnation of the NDP was the Liberty Party, a centre-left political organization. Created by Lewis Wild, the LP became very popular, becoming the largest political party in Sorrenia, along with the Socialist Party. However, after the leaving of Lewis Wild in early 2014, the party became stagnant; this in turn led to the largest LP politician, Llewelyn Lawton leaving in favour of the Patriotic Socialist Party. Eventually, the LP only had one remaining member, Connor Watson, who has been described by some as a political apathetic.

New Democratic Party

This in turn led President Pressland to dismiss Connor Watson by a Presidential Decree. To replace him, Alexei Janiszewski was chosen; an active politician in Sorrenia, as well as a dedicated Social Democrat. Janiszewski quickly transformed the party and removed the stagnant elements. The party was renamed the "New Democratic Party", and officially adopted Social Democracy. The revitalization of the party caused Llewelyn Lawton to rejoin, as well as initial leader Lewis Wild. This in turn allowed the NDP to gain their first seat in the National Assembly, and they were finally able to participate in National political affairs.

On the 18th of October, 2014, the Ministry of Religious and Ethical Affairs banned the NDP logo, due to "religious and satanical connotations". Party chairman Janiszewski was quick to react, releasing a response in the party newspaper, the "New Democratic Times".

The government however, did not relent, and as Janiszewski was due to replace President Pressland, he accepted the ban, and created a new logo. The new logo however included "in formal protest to government censorship", to show that they still opposed the government's actions. Ironically, the NDP went on to join the government in the "People's Coalition", as Janiszewski needed to ensure that he obtained a majority government.

Eventually, Minister for Religious and Ethical Affairs Trystan Cline lifted the ban, however the NDP never used the logo again, preferring to use the Norwegian Labour Party rose.

Anti-Fascist Actions

After politician Eren Lewis was re-allowed into Sorrenia, he formed the Sorrenian Union of Fascists. Janiszewski, who had previously come to odds with Eren declared a 'Crusade' against the SUF, and attempted to have them banned for making 'anti-Semitic statements'. The move however was unpopular in Sorrenia, and the NDP failed to have the party banned. They did however continue to publicly denounce the party in statements and debates.

Party Policy

The New Democratic Party in its current incarnation is relatively new to Sorrenian politics, but as the party is currently holding the seat of President and with its current growing momentum, it has quickly adopted stances on many of the hotly-debated issues in Sorrenian politics.

Monarchy: The NDP has stated it is support of the status quo; it supports the limited monarchies that are in Sorrenia currently and doesn't wante to see them abolished, but has also stated it will oppose any growth in power for monarchies in Sorrenia.


Andrew Janiszewski - Governor of North Durham, Chairman of the Democratic-Liberty Party, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jason Hale - Secretary of the Democratic-Liberty Party
Trystan Cline - Governor of South Durham
Damian Billbrough - Mayor of Levaria, Minister of the Interior
Connor Watson - Territorial Governor
Donald West - Minister of Social Affairs
Arwyn Lawton
Kaab Millet
Devon Jonathan Kearney
Nathan Lucas