Ijivate of Rikuchar

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Idźıvreź su Rıcutśar
Ijivate of Rikuchar
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Ba watceg ab tśetaz su dźønse nj luriź
There is no limit to freedom and unity
Anthem: Lurıdźenav Crebu (Peaceful Land)
CapitalGırıcronu (de facto)
Laźrabronu (de jure)
Official languagesRicutśreb, English
Demonym(s)Rikuchreb (Ricutśreb)
GovernmentStandard Ijivate
• Idźıv
Net Vrocaw(G)
• Zılezlugø Tśebetwi
Wadźıteg Hatgos (Temporary) (Nonpartisan)
LegislaturePac Jıtu su e Lızøtśi Øca (PJLØ)
Zılnav Pac Jıtu (ZPJ)
• Established
December 14th, 2014 - first proposed
May 21st, 2015 - Huro-Atlantica dissolved
• Disestablished
June 29th, 2015 - last formal activity
July 21st, 2017 - official disestablishment
CurrencyCadwib (proposed)
Soto ∂ (Used only in International Trade)
US Dollar $ (de facto)
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Ijivate of Rikuchar (Ricūtšreb: Idźıvreź su Rıcutśar), shortened as Rikuchar, was a planned nation on the Florida and Michigan peninsulas, whose purpose was to be the direct successor state to Huro-Atlantica, and was therefore considered to be founded on the same date. It would have been in the Tampa Bay Area and would consist of one small region of Pinellas County. Rikuchar would also include one small territory in the southern peninsula of Michigan. These territories would have a total combined land area of 3.03 acres.

The Rikuchreb government was designed to be a Standard Ijivate.


The name Rıcutśar means "great land" in Rakwiktrab. The original name for Rikuchar was to be Rihidžer, a modified version of the Late Rakwiktrab word Raptøxar, a term of unknown origin that was used to represent Huro-Atlantica in the later part of its existence.


On October 10, 2014, the main constituent of Huro-Atlantica's Social Communications Network was compromised, resulting in another long period of governmental dormancy. During this period, the modern Rikuchreb language came into being. In December 2014, Net Vrocaw proposed a successor state to Huro-Atlantica. Among the changes were the implementation of the Ijivate government, a definite system of laws and regulations, and a hierarchy of congresses through which all decisions would be passed. Lecipwitse came to call it Rikuchar.

In May Huro-Atlantica was officially dissolved. At this time, the primary development phase of Rikuchar's government and culture began. On the 28th of May, Rikuchar retracted its claims to include only Giricronu and Laźrabronu.

In June 2015 the project became inactive, and from then on Ijiv Vrocaw did not return to micronations.

  • July 14th, 2015 - first proposed start date
  • September 5th, 2015 - second proposed start date
  • July 14th, 2016 - final proposed start date


Rikuchar runs under a Standard Ijivate. The Standard Ijivate runs on an entirely democratic system, one that consists of 4 governmental levels through which all acts of government must pass through in order to become official.

The Pac Jıtu su Lızøtśi Øca (Congress of Public Fact) or PJLØ, is the lower of the 2 congresses. All citizen voters of Rikuchar are members of the PJLØ, and all have an equal vote on any proposals or bills that are passed through it. The PJLØ can also draft bills or proposals, unlike the ZPJ.

The Zılnav Pac Jıtu (translated to English as Upper Congress) or ZPJ, is the higher of the 2 congresses. The ZPJ consists of 5 "Xuwic". Each Xuwi votes for or against any bill or proposal that is passed to them by the PJLØ.


Portfolio Minister Term Party Notes
Xuwi Net Vrocaw 14 July 2030 G
Xuwi Tapruźnatic Ohamzoli 14 July 2030 P
Xuwi Ohametc Vrocaw 14 July 2030 G

Political Parties

The Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar was a political party in Rikuchar. It was established on May 19, 2015, by Ijiv Net Vrocaw. It believed in mid to far left ideals.

The Conservative Republican Party of Rikuchar was a right-leaning conservative party. Theoretically it believed in conservative ideals and was opposite the Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar. Originally, the Conservative Republican Party was to be a centrist party.

The Centrist Party of Rikuchar was a left-leaning Centrist party. It believed in centrist ideals and replaced the Conservative Republican Party of Rikuchar as the national centrist party on May 27, 2015.


Rikuchar, being a neutral nation, did not possess a military, nor did it have a sufficient population to constitute the creation of a "Backup" military.


The Rikuchreb Calendar was a 5-month season-based calendar. The months were an average of 73 days long and span the following dates on the Gregorian Calendar:

Name Start End
Dźøze January 1 March 17
Ogscesc March 18 May 26
Cadtab May 27 August 7
Cadwu August 8 October 19
Cebsan October 20 December 31


The official language of Rikuchar is Rikuchreb, a member of the Asermian language family. The method of translating from English into Rakwiktrab is via a complex multi-tiered substitution cipher whose string is a closely guarded secret.

Geography and Climate

View from the Ijiv's home in Giricronu
View of Lake Giric from the Ijiv's home in Giricronu

Rikuchar posessed two climates, as it had 2 distinct regions. Giricronu had a humid tropical climate, with cool winters and hot summers, and experienced large but short-lived thunderstorms on a routine basis, some lasting only minutes. Giricronu was also affected by an urban heat island created by large neighbouring cities. Laźrabronu had a mild climate, experiencing cold winters and warm summers. Laźrabronu sat far from any large city but did experience a minor heat gain from a nearby town.

Administrative Divisions

  • Girikronuflag.png District of Giricronu
  • Lajreberonuflag.png District of Laźrabronu

Foreign Relations

Despite the fact that Rikuchar was still only a developing entity, it signed treaties of alliance with other nations. Rikuchar had strict policies when regarding the establishment of foreign relations, as well as distinct definitions of what each type of foreign relation is.

List of Nations by Status


  • Republic of Akebar
  • Foster Island Republic
  • Nedland
  • Republic of Mcarthia (Honourary)
  • United Republics of Wolfpond (Honourary)