Victorian Federation

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Not to be confused with Victoria Federation.
the Victorian Federation

Omnes Honorate, Noli None. (Respect All, Fear None.)
The Internationale
Plainfield, Illinois, United States
Capital cityNova
Largest cityNova
Official language(s)English, French
Official religion(s)Secular, but some Citizens follow Christianity or Islam.
Short nameVictoria
GovernmentSocialism, Direct Democracy
- PMMason Ansari
Area claimed325ft², or 99.06m²
Population7 (as of 2015 VF National Census)
CurrencyLitecoin and United States Dollar
Time zone(CDT)
National sportPaintball and Airsoft
National animalFish
This nation is a member state of the ILP

Government website (Outdated)

The Victorian Federation is a micronation founded on September 24, 2014.


The Victorian Federation was founded by Mason Ansari on September 24, 2014. Almost seven months later, on April 12, 2015, the City of Nova was founded, making it Victoria's most populous, largest, only, and capital city. On March 7, 2016, the Victo was officially phased out and replaced with an alternative: Litecoin. This was proposed to make the nation more eco-friendly.

Government and politics

There are two branches of government in Victoria, the Parliment and the Executive branches. The Executive houses the Prime Minister. The Parliment and Prime Minister are elected by the people of Victoria via Direct Democracy. The courts are run at a local level, and the police are run by the court(s) for that area. There are five political parties in Victoria. Here is a political Spectrum for Victoria.


Law and order

Guns that aren't pistols are strictly forbidden in Victoria. The only way one can own a gun other than a pistol is by being an Active, On-Duty Military Member.

Foreign relations

Victoria is a member state of the ILP.

Nations Victoria Recognises

All nations, including Palestine, except for Israel.


Victoria currently has an extremely small military, at one person.


Victoria's main export at the moment is Computer Programs. The official currencies of Victoria are the American Dollar and the Victo (which is pinned at 2 USD.)


Victoria's culture is heavily based on American culture. The official languages of Victoria are English and French.


Victoria currently has no radio or television networks, but there is a plan for radio and television in the future.

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