Democratic Party (Nova-Occitania)

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Democratic Party
Referent MemberBabou Chkaya
SloganSocial and Ecological Occitania
Founded30 June 2019
Membership  (2019)4
IdeologySocial democracy,
Direct democracy, Souverainism
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colors     Blue
4 / 6
Head of Territories
5 / 6

The Democratic Party (formerly Convergence and Will - CiV) is the main Occitanian political party, indeed, the President of the Union is its reference member, as well as the government and the absolute majority of the members of the Assembly.


Founded initially has Convergence and Will (CiV) on June 30, 2019 by former members of the Melocoton Party after the re-creation of Occitania, the party is the only active during the first months of the revival of Occitania and thus win the first elections.

On October 30th 2019, the party gathered in congress (called All Saints 2019 Congress), chooses to change its name for a better visibility on the international level as well as to focus on a liberal social program. The same day, Vicent Branchadell decides to leave the party to recreate his former Catalanist party, Montserrat, while remaining in the government coalition.[1]

On November 9th 2019, the party has established the Juntos coalition in Aswington in order to restore the statu quo before dissolution of Popular Union of Occitania.


This party was considered as a Left-wing political party. The main axis of the CiV ideology is the ecology, this means that all the politics made by its members are made with an ecological action in his first months. After the congress of All Saints 2019, the party considers itself a social democrat.

On domestic topics, the party is republican and federalist. Inside Nova-Occitania, the party advocates a great devolution of powers and skills, the union between the Constituent Territories is made in international topics.


Referent Member
# Took Office Left Office Picture Name
1 30 June 2019 present Bcop.png Babou Chkaya

Elections results


Election year 1st pref votes % Candidate +/- Result
2019 Babou Chkaya 73.91% Babou Chkaya - Elected
March 2020 55.56%


Election year 1st pref votes % Head of list +/- Result
July 2019 Democratic Party 65.22% Vicent Branchadell - Government
November 2019 52.38% Ivanna Minaïeva

Local elections


Election year 1st pref votes % Candidate +/- Result
July 2019 Babou Chkaya 100% Babou Chkaya - Elected
December 2019
April 2020

Conseil d'État

The Conseil d'État is the political body of both Benyamin and Shalom

Election year 1st pref votes % Candidate +/- Result
July 2019 Babou Chkaya 100% Ivanna Minaïeva - Elected
December 2019
April 2020


Election year 1st pref votes % Candidate +/- Result
July 2019 Adélia Cerdan 100% Adélia Cerdan - Elected
December 2019
April 2020

Three Flowers

Election year 1st pref votes % Candidate +/- Result
July 2019 Vicent Branchadell 100% Vicent Branchadell - Elected
December 2019 Did not present a candidate
April 2020

Visual identity

The first logo of the Democratic Party represented a blue Lion, under a white background. Below was marked the name of the party in all the languages of the Union of Nova-Occitania.

On May 31, 2020, a new logo was unveiled. This time the colors are reversed, blue becomes the background color and the logo symbol becomes a letter of the Greek alphabet, the Delta (Δ), the first letter of the word "Democracy" in Greek (δημοκρατία) in white color. Below, a single appellation replaces all of the old translations. Indeed, the world "DEMOCRATES" is written in white. Democrates can be translated to "Democrats" in both French, Castillan and Catalan, the main languages of the Union of Nova-Occitania.