Conseil d'État

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Conseil d'État
Juridiction BenyaminFlag.png Benyamin

LOOKS2.png Shalom

Type Local political authority

The Conseil d'État (Council of state in English) is the common political body of the jewish regions of Nova-Occitania, Benyamin and Shalom.


On January 25, 2020, the Region of Benyamin was founded by a citizen from Shalom who moved to a new place. Because of the links between the two territories, on the social and political point, it was decided to replace the State Council of Shalom so that it becomes the political institution of these two regions, drafting common local laws.

List of Conseil d'État presidents

President of the Council of State
# Took Office Left Office Portrait Name Party Election
1 25 January 2020 present איוונה.png Ivanna Minaïeva Democratic December 2019

Codex Blue

The Codex Blue is the collection of all the norms enacted by the President of the Council of State in authorized areas by the constitution of the Union of Nova Occitania. All the norms are legal in both Shalom and Benyamin.