Nova-Occitanian national football team

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Occitanian National Football Team
Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s)The Reds
AssociationOccitanian Football Federation
Most CapNone
Top scorerNone
Home stadiumLa Placa
Highest MFA ranking(N/A)
First international
EPDA 3-4 Occitania
Biggest win
Occitania F 1-5 Occitania
Biggest defeat
No defeat

The Occitanian national football team represents Occitania in international football. The team's colours are red, white and yellow. Occitania are colloquially known as The Reds. Occitania play home matches at the Maltemps Arena in Maltemps. In Occitania, it is not allowed to represents the country in virtual sports, so the national football team plays only in real conditions.


Summer 2016

In August 2016, the occitanian team has played three matches against the spanish city of El Pueyo de Araguás in the stadium of La Placa. Occitania wins all the meetings. One match was also organized in Three Flowers between the men and women national selections.

Spring 2017

Three matches were organized in the home stadium in Maltemps between the men and women national selections.


Against W D L GF GA GD Win % First match Last match
EPDA 3 0 0 20 16 4 100% 10/8/16 16/8/16
Occitania F 4 0 0 29 19 3 100% 12/7/16 01/04/17