Foreign relations of Nova-Occitania

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In Nova-Occitania, the foreign relations are under the authority of the Ministry of Diplomacy and Commonwealth.

Currently, Nova-Occitania has formal diplomatic relations with 7 others micronation and is member of 4 intermicronational organizations, including the Occitanian Commonwealth.


Micronational relations

Micronational organizations

Micronational relations


  • The Republic of Aswington (formerly Tagtabazar) and the Union of Nova-Occitania signed a treaty on July 30 of 2019. Before the dissolution of the UPO which Nova-Occitania is the successor state, Tagtabazar was a federal element of it. The President of Tagtabazar, Juan Cisneros was also President of Occitania during ten months. Tagtabazar is now, since the dissolution of the UPO, an independent state. Both of them are members of the Occitanian Commonwealth. The treaty signed by the parties is the first one sign by Nova-Occitania, and it is characterized by an unbalanced aspect; indeed, several clauses imply support from Nova-Occitania towards Tagtabazar in several areas (juridical, diplomatic, political, monetary) because of the common history of the two nations.

Diplomatic relations

  • The Official Kingdom of Arbreland has used the occitanian currency (Occitanian Diner) as an unofficial user until the kingdom has signed a treaty with Occitania on August 13, 2019 to legalize the utilisation of the currency and to formalize diplomatic relations with Occitania.
  • Iustus and Occitania have had friendly and cordial relations since the Iustus' appearance in the micronational community. When the Occitanian micronation was recreated, the nations signed a treaty formalizing these relations on August 12, 2019.
  • The Directive of Misberia and the Union of Nova-Occitania have signed a cooperation and support treaty on May 1. Signature made possible by the reopening of Occitanian administrations after 1.5 months of closure due to the Covid19 pandemic. It was published on the same day in the Union Bulletin. On the initiative of Misberia, the treaty originally in English has been translated into French language after request from the authorities of Nova-Occitania.[1]
  • Rino Island and the Occitanian micronation have relations since 2015, strengthened in the field of culture ( Microvision Song Festival, Hispanidad ). It is therefore logical that the two micronations were closer at the time of the recovery of Occitanian micronation. On July 30, 2019, they signed a Peace and Friendship treaty.
  • Occitania and Smyrna first had a conflictual relationship before coming closer under the Popular Union regime. A new treaty of friendship and alliance was signed on January 1, 2020.
  • The Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic has been approached by the Occitanian authorities to initiate diplomatic relations because of the ideological proximity of the two governments. The treaty was signed on July 31, 2019.

List of micronational relations

Mutual recognition
Mutual support
Military Alliance
Monetary agreement
Treaty of friendship, mutual assistance and recognition between the Union of Nova-Occitania and the Republic of Tagtabazar

30 July 2019
Treaty of recognition and friendship between the Republic of Rino Island and the Union of Nova-Occitania

Rino Island
30 July 2019
Treaty of friendship, mutual assistance and recognition between the Union of Nova-Occitania and the V.I.S.S.R

Vancouver Island
31 July 2019
Treaty of friendship, mutual assistance and recognition between the Union of Nova-Occitania and the Empire of Iustus

12 August 2019
Diplomatic and Monetary treaty between the Union of Nova-Occitania and the Official Kingdom of Arbreland

13 August 2019
Treaty of Amity and Alliance between Governments of the Imperial State of Smyrna and the Union of Nova-Occitania

1 January 2020
Treaty of Support and Cooperation between the Union of Nova-Occitania and the Directive of Misberia

11 May 2020

Micronational organizations

  • The Occitanian Commonwealth is an intergovernmental organisation of 3 member states, who share strong diplomatic, historical, political or cultural ties with the Union of Nova-Occitania and of curse, Nova-Occitania is member of this micronational organization who was recreated on the same day as the Occitanian Micronation.
  • Since the fifth day of 2020, Occitania is member of the Konmalehth, an intermicronational organization which aims to develop and foster cultural and economic relations between its member states.