Occitanian Diner

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Occitanian Diner
Official usersFlagUNOc.png Nova-Occitania
FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Arbreland
Banknotes1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Central bankCaixa Central
PrinterCaixa Central
MintCaixa Central

The Occitanian Diner, simply known as the diner (code: ODI), is the official currency of the Union of Nova-Occitania.


The name diner (money in Catalan) is derived from the Roman currency denarius. The only curent currency who shares this name is the Andorran diner, a commemorative currency issued in form of coins intended for collectors and without a legal tender value.


The Occitanian Diner is the successor currency of the Occitanian Franc. The change of currency corresponds to the disappearance of the UPO and the advent of the Union of Nova-Occitania. During the first days of the new union, in a decree-law, the constitutional commission set up the central bank (Caixa Central) and the name of the currency.

On July 15th, 2019 The Official Kingdom of Arbreland announced that the Occtanian franc was an official currency in the country. A treaty is signed on August 13th, 2019 to allows the kingdom to use this currency has its legal tender as well as printing notes.

Indexation on aluminium

By a presidential decree[1] of the second day of the 2020 year, the Diner is convertible in macro currency, in correlation with the aluminum stock princes by a mathematic formula.

  • Aluminium Prices x Aluminum own by the Caixa Central = Sum in USD
  • Sum in USD / Money in circulation = Value of the Dinner


2019 series "Heroes of Aviation"

The first series of the Occitanian Diner was uncover on July 7 of 2019. Its theme is the heroes of aviation. Six characters are represented, in a parity format. The characters come from 3 countries (France, United States and Spain). Each value is issued in a different language, these 5 languages being the most spoken languages of Nova-Occitania. In a simple style, the notes were made quickly after the political recovery of the Occitanian micronation. Other items (serial number, signature) are added at the time of printing.

"Heroes of Aviation"
Image Value Main Colour Language Description
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
1diner2019A.png 1diner2019B.png 1 Diner Green French Abbas ibn Firnas Illustration of the Ibn Firnas flight
2diners2019A.png 2diners2019B.png 5 Diners Purple English Clément Ader Ader Éole
5diners2019A.png 5diners2019B.png 10 Diners Red Spanish Harriet Quimby Harriet Quimby in her monoplane
10diners2019A.png 10diners2019B.png 20 Diners Blue Afrikaans Jean Mermoz Mermoz entering in a Bernard 80 GR
50diners2019A.png 50diners2019B.png 50 Diners Orange Catalan Hélène Boucher Butcher in front of a Caudron C.430 Rafale
100diners2019A.png 100diners2019B.png 100 Diners Turquoise Occitan Amelia Earhart Earhart in front of her Electra