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PresidentVicent Branchadell
Founded18 October 2017
30 October 2019 (current)
HeadquartersThree Flowers
Membership (2019)3
IdeologyCatalan independence
Colors  Yellow
1 / 5
Head of Territories
1 / 6
Party flag

Montserrat is an Occitanian political party, founded in it's current form by Vicent Branchadell on October 30, 2019. The party is mainly present in Three Flowers but through it's alliance with the Democratic Party, it gets a federal representation


Montserrat was first created by Vicent Branchadell on 18 October 2017, under the Popular Union of Occitania regime. The name of the party has for originality to be linked to the Montserrat mountain, sacred for the Catalan people. On January 2018, Esquerra! merged with Montserrat to create the Melocoton Party.

At the time of the revival of the Occitanian micronation, the movement of the elders of Montserrat joins the party Convergence and Will. After the Congress of All Saints 2019 which sees the party become the Democratic Party, Vicent Branchadell leaves this party to recreate Montserrat, in alliance with last.


The party is extremely close to the Catalan political party CUP, adopting far-left positions, adapted to micro nationalism, as well as anti-capitalist, republicanist and pro-Catalanist positions.



Election Number of seats in the Vergadering +/-
November 2017
2 / 6
December 2017
2 / 6

Generality of Three Flowers

Election year 1st pref votes % Candidate +/- Result
December 2019 Vicent Branchadell 100% Vicent Branchadell - Elected