Melocoton Party

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Melocoton Party
PresidentBabou Chkaya
Vice-PresidentVincent Branchadell
Founded18 January 2018
Membership (2018)6
IdeologySocial democracy,
Souverainism, Ecology
Political positionLeft-wing
Colors  Peach
SloganSomos melocotones!

The Melocoton Party also known for the acronym MOP was a left-wing political party in Occitania. The party was created on January 2018 when Esquerra! and Montserrat have united under this new party.


The MOP was an idea of Babou Chkaya and Vicent Branchadell, the leaders of the former occitanian political parties Esquerra! and Montserrat. This two parties have always formed coalitions carrying the left to power. The peach color (from which comes the name of the party), is derived from the mixture of the yellow of Montserrat and the rose of Esquerra !. At the time of its creation, the MOP was the largest party in Occitania.


Simplified logo

The first logo of the party takes again the theme and the color of the peach. The first slogan of the party is in Spanish, somos melocotones means "we are peaches".

Electoral Performance

The party has not yet performed in an election, and as such has no results listed.