Ministry of Territorial Cohesion

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Ministry of Territorial Cohesion
Ministry overview
Formed28 July 2019
JurisdictionUnion of Nova-Occitania
Minister responsible
  • Mariana Branchadell, Minister of Territorial Cohesion

The Ministry of Territorial Cohesion is a ministerial departament of the Union of Nova-Occitania. This ministry is responsible to maintain the union of all the territories of Nova-Occitania, to guarantee territorial equality and to control the action of local policies.


Name Image Term of office Political party Government
1 Babou Chkaya File:Bcop.png 28 July 2019 27 November 2019 Democratic Branchadell II
2 Mariana Branchadell 27 November 2019 present Independent (Affiliated MON) Minaïeva