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II Legislature
Seats6 deputies
Political groups
Government (4)
  •   Democratic (4)
Political groups
Opposition (2)
Federal Party list
Last election
22-23 November 2019
Meeting place

The Amassada (Occitan: Amassada (assembly) is the unicameral national legislature of Nova-Occitania, substitute the Vergadering. As the legislative branch of the Occitanian government, the Amassada passes all laws and supervises the work of the government. Another parliament can be put in place in exceptional circumstances, the Comitia Occitaniæ. It is composed of Amassada deputies and local elected representatives to reform the constitution.

This assembly is considered as a legal entity and can have the status of minister or governor.


Legislature Elections Dates Composition Prime Minister
I July 2019 28 July 2019 - 24 November 2019 Vicent Branchadell
II November 2019 24 November 2019 - present Ivanna Minaïeva

Current composition

Elected members

Elected MP Party Took office Seat #
Vicent Branchadell Montserrat 28 July 2019 Iberia 1
Maria Fabré Democratic 28 July 2019 Iberia 2
Conxa Mazarich Montserrat 23 November 2019 Iberia 3
Ivanna Minaïeva Democratic 28 July 2019 Midi-Gironde 1
Adélia Cerdan Democratic 28 July 2019 Midi-Gironde 2
Babou Chkaya Democratic 28 July 2019 Mixed 1