Renovation of the political system campaign

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The Renovation of the political system campaign is a series of organic laws and constitutional amendments aimed at drastically changing the mode of elections and the individual powers of the occitanian leadership positions.

Amendment of electoral laws

Motions and vote

The Amendment of electoral laws is a series of motions voted by the Vergadering on November 29, 2017.

Parliament vote

  Yes    No    Abstain    Absent 

  • Motion 1: (5|0|0|1)

Do you want that the Deputies are elected from national lists and proportional manner by amending article (VI; 1) of the federal constitution?

  • Motion 2: (VERGADERING 3|REFERENDUM 2|0|1)

The Motion 1 must be validated by the only vote of the Vergadering or by a federal referendum?

  • Motion 3: (4|0|1|1)

Do you want that the Federal Republics to continue to be represented in parliament by a deputy?

  • Motion 4: (3|0|2|1)

Should the President of the Union be elected by direct universal suffrage and have a protocolary role defined by a future new chapter of the Constitution?

  • Motion 5: (2|1|2|1)

If the previous motion is validated, should the general election generate a political tendency for the President of the Union to appoint his prime minister?

  • Motion 6: (VERGADERING 3|REFERENDUM 2|0|1)

The motions 4 and 5 must be validated by the only vote of the Vergadering or by a federal referendum?

  • Motion 7: (3|0|2|1)

If major changes are passed, must this parliament be dissolved by the President of the Union to implement the new electoral method?


  • Modification of the article (VI;1) of the Occitanian Constituion, stating that deputies are now elected "through national lists and by proportional representation".
  • The Motion 7 authorizes the conduct of snap elections

Modification of the Chapter V of the Constitution


  • Article 6.2

BEFORE : Following the elections, the deputies elect the president of the union.

AFTER MODIFICATION : The President of the Popular Union of Occitania is elected for a period of one year, by direct universal suffrage.

  • Article 6.4

BEFORE: Ministers have the prerogatives of their function granted by presidential derogation

AFTER MODIFICATION : The representative of the party or coalition that won the majority of the seats in the legislative elections is appointed Prime Minister by the President of the Union. The prime minister appoints his government, creates/dissolves ministries and agencies. If no party/coalition obtains a majority, the Union President and the party/coalition representative together form a unity government. bis - Ministries or other national bodies may be appointed to substantive posts. ter - The President of the Union can dissolve parliament and call early parliamentary elections.

  • Article 6.7

BEFORE : The president delegates his powers to the government, minister or Vergadering. The latter is competent to vote laws and amendments to the constitution.

AFTER MODIFICATION : The Vergadering is competent to amend the constitution, issue motions with the status of non-binding opinion, and to vote laws to enrich the Federal Codex.


  • Election of the President of Occitania by direct universal suffrage
  • Creation of the Prime Minister of Occitania
  • Precision of the powers of the Vergadering