Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints

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Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints
Saint Sanctuaire de Tous-les-Saints(fr)


LanguageFrench (de jure)

GuarantorHoly Violet Church since 2016 (de jure) from 2016 to 2018 (de facto) None since 2018 (de facto)
Area Claimed42m²
Saints hostedSaint Helena, Saint Sergi, Saint Maggie

The Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints was an Holy Violet Church's sanctuary located near Babougrad in Occitania. Due to the impossibility of its complete location, the Sanctuary of All Saints is considered lost by the current government of the Church of the Holy Violet, since 2020.


Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints was located between Babougrad, Transvaal and Melport vigueries.



Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints was founded by Babou Chkaya, then Primate of Holy Violet Church as Babolus, on 1st March 2017. Its purpose was to collect the remains of the first flower saints, canonised by Babolus himself. It began with Saint Helena, who was canonised on the same day as the foundation of the Shrine, followed by Saint Sergi (9 March), and finally Saint Maggie (30 June).


Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints wasn't destroyed but forgotted by Union of Nova-Occitania, with dissolution of first Holy Violet Church and Popular Union of Occitania. Since 2020, the Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints is considered lost by refounded Holy Violet Church. But it was only under the pontificate of Amaranth, by a public statement released on 21 May 2022, that the Shrine is officially declared out-of-reach.

Souvenir in religion

Since intronisation of Leopold Deuff as Primate of Holy Violet Church, under the name of Amaranth, Saint Sanctuary of All-Saints is mentioned in primatial prayes of all violettists masses, in souvenir of first Holy Violet Church.