President of Occitania

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President of the Union of Nova-Occitania
Logo of the presidency
Head of the state:
Babou Chkaya

since 28 July 2019
Term lengthOne year renewable
Inaugural holderBabou Chkaya
Formation15 September 2015

The President of the Union of Nova-Occitania is the executive head of state of Occitania. Occitania is a semi-presidential system, the Occitanian president is quite powerful. Although it is the Prime Minister and parliament that oversee much of the nation's actual day-to-day affairs, the Occitanian president wields significant influence and authority, especially in the fields of national security and the federal unity. He is also the chief of armies and he can have transfers of ministerial authorities.

Popular Union of Occitania

Portrait Name
Federal Subject
Electoral mandates Term of Office Political Party PM Government
Interim of Babou Chkaya (15 September 2015 - 1 October 2015)
1 Bcop.png
Babou Chkaya

Federal City of Babougrad
Oct. 2015,
Nov. 2015,
May 2016,
Nov. 2016,
May 2017,
Nov. 2017
1 October 2015
15 January 2018
N/A None
Chkaya I
Chkaya II & III
Chkaya IV

Founder and first president, its presidency is marked by socialist beginnings and then by a Social liberalism shift, the creation of a multi-ethnic and tolerant culture in Occitania, as well a territorial expansion and the establishment of direct democracy. He has made his country known internationally by putting soft power at the heart of its foreign policy. Babou sets up the renovation of the political system campaign and renounces a new presidential term.

2 UPON.jpg
Juan Cisneros

Republic of Tagtabazar
Dec. 2017
15 January 2018
28 October 2018
Progressive Independent Party
Chkaya V & VI
First and only president elected by direct universal suffrage. President quite discreet, the Popular Union has experienced a large territorial expansion before dissolving.

Responsibilities before constitutional reform

Before the 4 December 2017, where during the Renovation of the political system campaign a modification of the chapter concerning the president was passed by the Vergadering, the president was elected every six months. The people elected their representatives by constituency. The representative's seats in the Vergadering. After the parliamentary elections, the deputies elects the President. The President is the leader of the parliamentarian majority and the head of the government. He chooses his ministers.

Union of Nova-Occitania

Portrait Name
Federal Subject
Electoral mandates Term of Office Political Party PM Government
Constitutional Commission having full powers (26 June 2019- 28 July 2019)
3 Bcop.png
Babou Chkaya

Federal City of Babougrad
28 July 2019
Democratic Party
Branchadell II

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