Occitanian presidential election, December 2017

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Occitanian presidential election, December 2017
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← November 2017 20 December 2017
19 December in Himeji, Sezentrania and Tagtabazar.
December 2018 →
Turnout50% (5.73)
  UPON.jpg UPON.jpg UPON.jpg
Candidate Juan Cisneros Lorena Serantes David Stardust
Party PIP AS-CP En Marcha!
Home state Tagtabazar None (Spain) None (Spain)
States carried 3[1] 1 2[1]
Popular vote 16 10 5
Percentage 51.61% 32.25% 16.12%

President before election

Babou Chkaya

Elected President

Juan Cisneros

The Occitanian presidential election, December 2017 was the first presidential election of the Popular Union of Occitania were the president is elected by direct universal suffrage. The vote were realized on December 20, 2017, the same day where the legislative elections were also held.

For the first time, the actual President of Occitania, Babou Chkaya is not running for this election, and his party does not send any candidate. The three candidates are first, Juan Cisneros (PIP), founder of the Republic of Tagtabazar, has started a fulgurous political rise since taking office, David Stardust, the outsider who presents himself as the Occitanian Macron and finally the communist leader, Lorena Serantes.


Electoral system

In the Popular Union of Occitania, everybody, occitanian or not, may be a candidate by completing this form. The closing date for applications is 17 December 2017.

The President of the Union is elected by direct universal suffrage for a one-year term. There is only one round in the election.


The election will take place on 20 December 2017. In Himeji, Sezentrania and Tagtabazar due to the time difference, the election will take place on 19 December (this prevents the European results from being published before the vote in the this territories). Also, for the citizens living abroad, the portal online will be open from 18 to 20 December.

Renovation of the political system campaign

This election puts an end to the renovation of the political system campaign. This campaign is a series of organic laws and constitutional amendments aimed at drastically changing the mode of elections and the individual powers of the occitanian leadership positions. This is the first time that the Occitanian president is elected directly by the people.

Chkaya's Withdrawal

For the first time, Babou Chkaya, President of Occitania since the creation of the micronation is not candidate for his reelection, but leads a list in the legislative elections.


Candidate Political Offices Political Party Details
Juan Cisneros President of the Republic of Tagtabzar
(2017 -)
Minister of Medias and Telecommunication
(2017 -)
Leader of the Opposition
(2017 -)
Occitanian Ambassador to Venezuela
(2017 -)
PIP logo.png
Progressive Independent Party
It is his second participation as presidential candidate. Previously, he was a presidential candidate in the November elections.
David Stardust Minister of Immigration
(2017 -)
NgID6-iM 400x400.jpg
En Marcha!
His proposals were published online.
Lorena Serantes Minister of the Spaniard minority
(2017 -)
Occitanian Ambassador to Spain
(2017 -)
Agrarian Socialism - Communist Party

Results (so far)


Party Candidate Votes %
Progressive Independent Party Juan Cisneros 16 51.61%
Agrarian Socialism - Communist Party Lorena Serantes 11 32.25%
En Marcha! David Stardust 5 16.12%
Popular Vote
Juan Cisneros
Lorena Serantes
David Stardust


Federal Element Cisneros Stardust Serantes Blank
Flag Oranje.png Babougrad
2 0 0 0
Citizens living abroad
3 0 2 0
Medoc.png Medoc
1 2 0 0
500px-Flag of Oslovia.svg.png Oslovia
0 0 0 1
Palmola.png Palmola
0 0 1 0
SEZZ.png Sezentrania
1 0 0 0
LOOKS2.png Shalom
0 2 1 0
Flag of Tagtabazar.png Tagtabazar
1 1 0 0
Cata.png Three Flowers
8 1 6 0


  1. 1.0 1.1 In Tagtabazar, Cisneros and Stardust each received a vote.