Occitanian general election, May 2017

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Occitania elections, May 2017
← November 2016 22 May 2017 November 2017 →
Candidate Babou Chkaya Thomas Hingston Jorge de Antillón
Party Esquerra! Vibrant Left Party Pablistas Union
Home state Babougrad None (foreign party) None (foreign party)
Running mate Didier Montaudran Lucy Elkova Pablo Estevez
Electoral vote 3
States carried 6 0 2
Popular vote 10 0 3
Percentage 76% 0% 26%

President before election

Babou Chkaya

Elected President

Babou Chkaya

The Occitanian general election, May 2017 was the 4th General election of the Popular Union of Occitania. The elections were take place on 22 May 2017.

Elections law

In Popular Union of Occitania, everybody, occitan or not, may be a candidate by completing this form. Registrations are closed on May 1, 2017.

Elections are held every six months in Popular Union of Occitania. Each party chooses a candidate by "circumscription". The party who has the majority of deputies sees its chief become president by a second election.


Midi and Gironde circonscription

Party Candidate % Votes
Esquerra! Babou Chkaya 100% 4

Pyrenees and Catalonia circonscription

Party Candidate % Votes
Pablistas Union Lluis Esteve 33% 3
Independent - Chkaya's coalition Vicent Branchadell 66% 6

Overseas circonscription

Party Candidate % Votes
Esquerra! Tomas Bieliauskas 100% 5
Pablistas Union Jorge de Antillón 0% 0
Vibrant Left Party Thomas Hingston 0% 0

South American circonscription

Party Candidate % Votes
Party of Industrialists and Peasants - Chkaya's coalition Juan Cisneros 100% 1


Logo of the elections.

Babou Chkaya announced his candidacy on January 29, 2017, for the Socialist Party. Four other parties subsequently appeared.

On February 2017, the Radical Party had sent fakes applications by usurping identities. This party was prohibited after such actions.

On February 26, 2017, Edwin Farrar wrote a Official statement about the general election. Edwin Farrar believes that this will be the toughest election ever in the 'UPO'. Edwin Farrar was confirmed as leader of the DPRP after the North Farrar Election on the 26th February. This party was forbidden by presidential decree on March 7 [1].

On April 13, a new party is registered, the Party of Industrialists and Peasants. On April 20, the Democratic Union party is dissolved.

On April 22, Tomas Bieliauskas writed a short elections agitation.

On April 30, Tomas Bieliauskas writed second agitation - personal opinion about his opponents.

On May 2, Chkaya proposed an agreement after the disclosure of the electoral program of Juan Cisneros, who accepts it.

On May 11, Babou Chkaya and Ivanna Minaïeva organized a meeting in Shalom.

Opinion polls

Pollster Release date EQ & VB VLP DUO PIP
TV OC 17 April 2017 80% 0% 13,3% 6,6%

Presidential election

After the election of the three deputies, they will elect the president.

Party Name of the candidate Deputies Vote (%) Number of votes cast
Pablistas Union Jorge de Antillón 0% 0
Esquerra! Babou Chkaya 100% 4
Vibrant Left Party Thomas Hingston 0% 0