Babougrad Olympe de Gouges University

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Babougrad Olympe de Gouges University
Université de Babougrad Olympe de Gouges
Motto Cum veritate (With truth)
Established 14 January 2017
Type Public, Research university
Location Babougrad
Colors Orange and White

The Babougrad Olympe de Gouges University (Université de Babougrad Olympe de Gouges in French, formerly the University of Oranje is an Occitanian public university of Babougrad established in 2017.


The University was formerly established on January 2017 under the name of the University of Oranje (Oranje was the former name of Babougrad). Despite this foundation, the University remains inactive. It was in June 2020 that the University changed its name and became active.

Name and Logos

The University was named to pay tribute to Olympe de Gouges, she was a French playwright and political activist whose writings on women's rights and abolitionism.

The university colors white and orange are the Babougrad's flag colors.


Departments are equivalent to university disciplines. In each discipline there are individual modules.


  • Nova-Occitanian Constitutional Law (planned)
  • Nova-Occitanian General Public Law (planned)
  • Nova-Occitanian General Private Law (planned)