Nova-Occitania legislative election, July 2019

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Nova-Occitania legislative election, July 2019

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5 seats of the Amassada
3 seats needed for a majority
TurnoutSteady 88%
  First party
Leader Vicent Branchadell
Party Convergence and Will
Last election New party
Seats before New party
Seats won 5
Seat change 5
Popular vote 15
Percentage 65.22%
Swing Steady

Prime Minister after election

Vicent Branchadell

The Nova-Occitania legislative election, July 2019 was be the first parliamentary election since the re-fondation of Occitania. The only registered list, CiV wins all seats in parliament


The election was called by the Constitutional Commission by a decree of 1 July 2019. It takes place at the same time as the presidential election, local elections and the constitutional referendum. Therefore, if the constitutional referendum is not approved, this election will have a poll declared as invalid, insofar as its result is conditional on the application of the new constitution.

Electoral system

Each political party presents a list of as many names as seats (five in this election). The list is federal and is the same in all polling sites. Deputies are elected proportionally, with no electoral threshold.

Campaign and candidates

Convergence and Will

Logo of Convergence and Will

For this first election, CiV presents a complete list of five names, led by Tres Flors leader Vicent Branchadell. The party plans to use its local roots (it controls all the populated territories) to seduce the electorate.

Vicent Branchadell
Ivanna Minaïeva
Adélia Cerdan
Babou Chkaya
Maria Fabré


Party Leader Votes % Seats +/–
CiV Vicent Branchadell 15 65.22% 5 Steady
Blank or invalid vote - 8 34.78% - -
Popular Vote
Convergence and Will
Blank or invalid vote

By territory

Federal Element CiV Blank or invalid vote
2 0
Citizens living abroad
1 0
2 1
2 1
Tres Flors
8 6

Elected members

Zone Elected MP Party Territory
Federal List Vicent Branchadell CiV Tres Flors
Ivanna Minaïeva CiV Shalom
Adélia Cerdan CiV Tartuga
Babou Chkaya CiV Babougrad
Maria Fabré CiV Aragon-Treserols