Nova-Occitania constitutional referendum, 2019

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Nova-Occitania constitutional referendum, 2019
Do you approve the proposal of the constitution ?
28 July 2019
Votes %
Yes Yes 19 82.61%
No No 4 17.39%
Total votes 23 100%
Turnout 88%

The Nova-Occitania constitutional referendum, 2019 will be the first referendum since the re-foundation of Occitania. Its purpose is to submit the Constitution drafted by the Constitutional Commission to the popular vote.


The election was called by the Constitutional Commission by a decree of 1 July 2019. It takes place at the same time as the presidential election, local elections and the legislative elections. Therefore, if this constitutional referendum is not approved, the others elections will have a poll declared as invalid, insofar as this result is conditional on the application of the new constitution.


Referendum results:
Federal Element Yes No
2 0
Citizens living abroad
1 0
2 1
3 0
Tres Flors
11 3