Nova-Occitania legislative election, November 2019

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Nova-Occitania legislative election, November 2019

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6 seats of the Amassada
4 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Ivanna Minaïeva Vicent Branchadell Juan Cisneros
Party Democratic Party (Nova-Occitania) Montserrat Civic Unity Party (Occitania)
Leader's seat Midi-Gironde Iberia Foreign
Last election 65.22% New party New party
Seats before 5 New party New party
Seats won 4 2 0
Seat change 1 2 Steady0
Popular vote 11 9 0
Percentage 52.38% 42.86% 0%
Swing 12,84% 42.86% Steady0

Prime Minister before election

Vicent Branchadell

Elected Prime Minister

Ivanna Minaïeva
Democratic Party (Nova-Occitania)

The Nova-Occitania legislative election, November 2019 was the second legislative election of Nova-Occitania, after the dissolution of the precedent legislature by the President of the Union on Sunday 22 November 2019, five months after the previous legislative election in July 2019.

Electoral system

The law currently in force was voted by the Amassada[1] on 2 November 2019. It divides the Union into three constituencies (Iberia, Midi-Gironde and Mixed). Each constituency elects one, two or three deputies. The election is held in one round and the deputies are elected in absolute proportional representation.

Constituency Territories Number of deputies
Iberia Aragon-Treserols
Three Flowers
Midi-Gironde Shalom
Mixed Babougrad
Loch Occitania

Date of the election

The decree[2] made by the President of Occitania said that the election would be held Saturday, November 23, 2019. By custom, it is appropriate to file the lists in the constiutionel court ten days before that date, ie November 13. There are no standards defining a possible beginning of the official campaign.


Initial political crisis

After several weeks of scramble within the majority leading to a political imobilism, leaders of the party Convergence and Will gathered for a congress called the Congress of All Saints 2019. Two resolutions were approved by the congress, in the first place a new name of the party (Convergence and Will moves to the Democratic Party), and a new alignment on social democratic politics. Subsequently, Prime Minister Vicent Branchadell left the party to rebuild his former party, Montserrat, pro-Catalan and anti-capitalist in alliance with the Democratic Party.[3]

Dissolution of the assembly by the President of the Union

Two days after the Congress of All Saints 2019, in accordance with article 9b of the occitanian constitution, the President of the Union Babou Chkaya has dissolved the I Legislature and called early elections on November 23, at the same time as the local elections. It was decided later to open the polling stations on Friday 22 and closed them on Saturday 23. A few minutes before its dissolution, the parliament passed an electoral law on the Spanish model, the Union is divided into several constituencies on which will be elected 1, 2 or 3 deputies.[4]

Contesting political parties and candidates

On November 6th 2019, the Constitutional court has published the link for the registration of candidates. On the same day, Montserrat party has send it's list, the party will be running only in Iberia with Vicent Branchadell has head of list and candidate for Prime Minister office.

One day later, former President of the Union Juan Cisneros has also send his candidacy in the Mixed Constituency, being the only candidate of a new party called Civic Unity Party. More later the Democratic Party has also transmitted it's lists, presenting candidates in the three constituency and with Ivanna Minaïeva as candidate for Prime Minister office.

Democratic Party Election poster


Parties and coalitions Original text English translation
Democratic Party Unity x Compromis Unity x Compromise

Opinion polling and seat projections

Only one seat projection was published during the campaign, few hours before the vote by the occitanian broadcaster TV OC.

Pollster Release D MON CUP
TV OC 22 November 2019 4 1 1



4 2
Democratic Montserrat
Party Votes % Swing (pp) Seats Change (seats)
  Democratic 11 52.38 -12.84 4 1
  Montserrat 9 42.86 +42.86 2 2
  Civic Unity Party 0 0 0 0 Steady
Total 20 95.24 6 1
Invalid/blank votes 1 4.76 -30.02
Registered voters/turnout 21 75 -13
Source: "Publication des résultats" on e-NOC"
Popular Vote
Civic Unity Party
Amassada Seats
Civic Unity Party


Previous MP Party Elected MP Party Took office Seat #
Vicent Branchadell CiV Vicent Branchadell Montserrat 28 July 2019 Iberia 1
Maria Fabré CiV Maria Fabré Democratic 28 July 2019 Iberia 2
Seat Created Seat Created Conxa Mazarich Montserrat 23 November 2019 Iberia 3
Ivanna Minaïeva CiV Ivanna Minaïeva Democratic 28 July 2019 Midi-Gascony 1
Adélia Cerdan CiV Adélia Cerdan Democratic 28 July 2019 Midi-Gascony 2
Babou Chkaya CiV Babou Chkaya Democratic 28 July 2019 Mixed 1

Midi-Gironde Constituency

Party List Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party Ivanna Minaïeva
Adélia Cerdan
5 100% 2

Iberia Constituency

Party List Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party Maria Fabré 4 30.77 % 1
Montserrat Vicent Branchadell
Conchita 'Conxa' Mazarich
Mariana Branchadell
9 69.23 % 2

Mixted Constituency

Party List Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party Babou Chkaya 2 100% 1
Civic Unity Party Juan Cisneros 0 0% 0

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