Nova-Occitania legislative election, July 2020

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Nova-Occitania legislative election, July 2020

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6 seats of the Amassada
4 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  איוונה.png VincentB.png
Leader Ivanna Minaïeva Vicent Branchadell
Party Democratic Party Montserrat
Leader's seat Midi-Gironde Iberia
Last election 52.38% 42.86%
Seats before 4 2

Prime Minister before election

Ivanna Minaïeva
Democratic Party

Elected Prime Minister


The next Nova-Occitania legislative election is scheduled to be held on 5 July 2020 It will elect the 3rd Amassada of the Union of Nova-Occitania. Originally scheduled to end of May, it was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis and under the application of the state of emergency.

Electoral system

The law currently in force was voted by the Amassada[1] on 2 November 2019. It divides the Union into three constituencies (Iberia, Midi-Gironde and Mixed). Each constituency elects one, two or three deputies. The election is held in one round and the deputies are elected in absolute proportional representation.

Constituency Territories Number of deputies
Iberia Aragon-Treserols
Three Flowers
Midi-Gironde Shalom
Mixed Babougrad
Loch Occitania

Date of the election

Originally scheduled to the end of May 2020, this election was postponed as part of the State of emergency in effect by the President of the Union to be held physically. [2]

Two elections were held while the coronavirus pandemic was raging in the Union, but they took place via electronic voting and participation had been declining and considered unsatisfactory by Occitanian authorities.

By the Presidential Decree 2020/5[3], this election will be organized at the same time that the local and Commonwealth ones.


Contesting political parties and candidates

Democratic Party

Democratic Party Electoral propaganda

No candidate was presented by the Democratic Party when the election date was announced. If the current Prime Minister, Ivanna Minaïeva has not ruled out standing for re-election, the party is waiting to establish negotiations with the Civic Unity Party of Juan Cisneros in order to establish an electoral coalition.[4]

On June 22, it was announced that Ivanna Minaïeva will be for the second time the candidate of her party for the Prime Minister position. She is ranked on the first position in the Democratic list in Midi-Gironde. The Democratic Party presents exactly the same lists as in the November 2019 election, where it won four seats. Despite the start of negotiations, there will be no joint list with the Juan Cisneros’ Civic Unity Party. [5]


For the second consecutive time since he created his own party, the President of the Generality of Three Flowers, Vicent Branchadell will compete in the elections by presenting his list only in his constituency.[6]


Parties and coalitions Original text English translation
Democratic Party A Vote For Tomorrow -

Opinion polling and seat projections




Previous MP Party Elected MP Party Took office Seat #
Vicent Branchadell Montserrat 28 July 2019 Iberia 1
Maria Fabré Democratic 28 July 2019 Iberia 2
Conxa Mazarich Montserrat 23 November 2019 Iberia 3
Ivanna Minaïeva Democratic 28 July 2019 Midi-Gascony 1
Adélia Cerdan Democratic 28 July 2019 Midi-Gascony 2
Babou Chkaya Democratic 28 July 2019 Mixed 1

Midi-Gironde Constituency

Party List Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party Ivanna Minaïeva
Adélia Cerdan

Iberia Constituency

Party List Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party Maria Fabré
Montserrat Vicent Branchadell
Conchita 'Conxa' Mazarich
Mariana Branchadell

Mixted Constituency

Party List Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party Babou Chkaya

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