Ministry of Diplomacy and Commonwealth

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Ministry of Diplomacy and Commonwealth
Diplomacy and Commonwealth.png
Ministry overview
Formed24 May 2017
JurisdictionPopular Union of Occitania (2017-2018)
Union of Nova-Occitania (2019-Present)
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Diplomacy and Commonwealth, it's a ministry responsible of the diplomacy and international discussions and negotiations in the Union of Nova-Occitania.

The ministry changed its name on December 18, 2019, previously it was called the Ministry of International Negotiations.


Popular Union of Occitania

No. Name Image Term of office Party Government
1 Vergadering I VERG.png 24 May 2017 21 June 2017 Esquerra! Chkaya (II • III • IV • V • VI)
28 days
2 Babou Chkaya Bcop.png 21 June 2017 28 October 2018
494 Days Melocoton Branchadell

Union of Nova-Occitania

Name Image Term of office Political party Government
3 Babou Chkaya Bcop.png 28 July 2019 present Democratic Branchadell II

List of communicates

Here is a list of the statements issued by the Ministry of International Negotiations.


Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Country Event Title Link
2019-10-09 Syria
2019 Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria Statement on the Turkish attack of Rojava N1
2019-10-29 France Bayonne mosque shooting Terrorist attack against a mosque in Baiona N2
2019-11-13 Bolivia Evo Morales government resignation Statement after the coup in Bolivia N4


Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Country Title Link
2019-08-12 Wikonga.jpg Wikonga Condemnation of the States of the Union of the "Republic of Wikonga" N3