Occitanian general election, November 2016

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Occitania elections, Novermber 2016
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Candidate Babou Chkaya Joan Ankor Javier Ragazzi
Party Socialist Party Democratic Reform Democratic Union of Occitania
Home state Oranje Ankera (Wirlad) Antares
Running mate Didier Montaudran None Joan Josep Bellver
Electoral vote 43 points 0 pts 20 pts
States carried 4 0 2

President before election

Babou Chkaya (all powers)
Socialist Party

Elected President

Government Chkaya I
Socialist Party

Logo of the elections

Elections are held every six months in Popular Union of Occitania. The party that wins the most votes by subject-federal earns all the points of this one. The party with the most points sees its leader becoming president of Occitania. So the election took place on November 22 so to renew the Soviet Suprême. On the same day, Three Flowers will elect his presidentfor 3 years.

Elections law

In Popular Union of Occitania, everybody, occitan or not, may be a candidate by completing this form. Registrations are closed on November 1.

Points by federal subject

Federal Subject Number of points
Cata.png Republic of Three Flowers 10
Medoc.png Autonomous Medoc Oblast 10
Flag Oranje.pngFederal City of Oranje 20
Palmola.png Palmola Oblast 3
LOOKS.jpg Liturgical Oblast of Kerem Shalom 10
Flaggyflag.png Citizens living abroad 10


Babou Chkaya announced his candidacy October 2, 2016 on his twitter account.[1]

On October 16, the new Democratic Reform party and the Democratic Union of Occitania begins their campaign for the elections.

The Democratic Union of Occitania posted advertising posters on October 21.[2] Three days later, the Democratic Reform published electoral program in spanish.[3]

On the October 24, begin the Channel 3 Oc Opinion pool scandal. For the first time, the Socialist Party do not win the elections. The next day, president Chkaya reacted through the media Occitania Today.[4]

The Socialist Party published on October 25, a TV Advert.[5]

On November 6, the government published an TV Advert on TV OC to encourage people to vote.[6]

On November 8, after remarks encouraging the independence of Marlo, the Federal Oranje Court has forbidden the political paty Democratic Reform. On the same day, Marlo is expelled from the union.

Opinion polls

Pollster Release date SP DR DUO
Socialist Party 4 October 2016 100%
Public TV of Wirlad 16 October 2016 49/50% 23/24% 22/24%
Occitania Today 20 October 2016 43 pts 10 pts 10 pts
Channel 3 OC 24 October 2016 13% 49% 38%
After the integration of the Republic of Marlo
Public TV of Wirlad 26 October 2016 23 pts 35 pts 20 pts
Micro Monde 26 October 2016 43 pts 15 pts 20 pts


Federal Subject Number of points Winner
Cata.png Republic of Three Flowers 10 Babou Chkaya
Medoc.png Autonomous Medoc Oblast 10 Babou Chkaya
Flag Oranje.pngFederal City of Oranje 20 Babou Chkaya
Palmola.png Palmola Oblast 3 Babou Chkaya
LOOKS.jpg Liturgical Oblast of Kerem Shalom 10 Javier Ragazzi
Flaggyflag.png Citizens living abroad 10 Javier Ragazzi

Babou Chkaya was elected four days later.


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