Order of the Occitan Cross

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Order of the Occitan Cross
Ordre de la Croix Occitane
Ribbon of the Order of the Occitan Cross
Awarded by the
President of Occitania
TypeState order
Established24 January 2016
EligibilityRewards Occitanian citizens for their good deeds
Awarded forCivil and Military merit
StatusCurrently constituted
GradesKnight / Dame
First induction24 January 2016
Last induction24 January 2016

The Order of the Occitan Cross is a State order founded in Babougrad by Babou Chkaya in 2016, to rewards rewards Occitanian citizens for their good deeds.


The Occitan cross, also called cross of Occitania, cross of Provence, cross of Languedoc, cross of Forcalquier or Toulouse cross, is the symbol of Occitania, a region comprising roughly the southern third of modern-day France with small overlap into Spain and Italy, a region where the Occitan language thrived. The cross was first used as such, probably, in the coat of arms of the counts of Forcalquier in Provence and then by the counts of Toulouse in the traditional territory of Languedoc. It later spread to the other provinces of lo país, namely Provence, Guyenne, Gascony, Dauphiné, Auvergne and Limousin. A yellow Occitan cross on a blood-red background with the seven-armed golden star of the Felibritge makes up the flag of modern-day Occitania. It can also be found in the emblems of Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon and Hautes-Alpes, among many others, as well as in cemeteries and at country crossroads. The Occitan cross is technically described as "mouthed and hollowed out, with keys (or paws) and golden spheres" (de golas a la crotz voidada, clechada (or patèa) e pometada d'aur). In La Cançon de la crosada, it goes by the name of Raymondine cross (crotz ramondenca, laisse 109). It is still disputed among experts as to whether its first appearance in Occitania was in Provence or Languedoc.


Ribbon of the Order of Occitan Cross




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