Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania

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Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania
Flag Coat of arms
"Vivat Gloria!" (language?)
"Long Live the Glory!"
CapitalSezentrania City
Largest city Attoria
Official languages English
Ethnic groups Koreans 100%
Demonym Sezentranian
Government Presidential republic with direct democracy(de facto)
 -  President TBA
 -  Vice-President TBA
Legislature National Assembly of Sezentrania
 -  Total 0.000085 km²
0 sq mi
 -  Density 35714.2857143/km²
92,499.6/sq mi

The Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania or simply Sezentrania is a self-declared sovereign nation, or a micronation in Seoul, South Korea's capital city. It is populated by 3 people, 2 in Attoria, and 1 in Sezentrania City, the capital city.


Pre-Micronationalist History

Pre-Micronational years

Pre-Republic History

The predecessor state of the Republic was the Kingdom of Granlaegs(later renamed Charn), a sockpuppet constitutional monarchy by King Daniel I with toys as most of its citizens. It had a unique culture and promoted the creation of a unique culture. In early October 2017, the King had declared the isolationist micronation "dead". Then it joined the Popular Union of Occitania as a state on the 19th of October 2017. Shortly after, it decided to leave the Federation on 27 Oct. 2017, although this fact is not recognized by Occitania.
On October 30th, the FDRS ceases to exist.
On November 11th, Daniel Lee, Head of the Provisional Committee announces the creation of the FDRS again. Attoria Province and Sezentrania City, were restored. It holds and a new territory, Boessenville, in Southern South Korea. The Goddom of Inglind, agreed to be a protected state under Sezentrania that day. November 19th, 2017, Daniel Lee announces he is "looking forward to coming into agreement with citizens of some Yeongchun territories. The new territory will be called 'New Hill'"


Sezentranian democracy is a direct democracy. The president is elected by a popular vote every six months. The president is the head of state and government, and appoints a vice president, who is the president's official speaker, and becomes the president if the president leaves office by impeachment, death, or resigns. The president also appoints the Ministers of Culture and Leisure, Finances, Home and Demographics, and Foreign Affairs, and Security and Safety. The president is the de facto head of the Legislative Branch.

Foreign Relations

Sezentrania officially declares itself the sole legitimate "Sezentrania" and doesn't recognize the Popular Union of Occitania.

Sezentrania recognizes

Sezentrania doesn't recognize

Any other entity not mentioned


Sezentrania has a unique culture, which it is very similar to Korean culture, due to its location within South Korea. Fish and vegetables are common ingredients, and Peppered Grilled Fish is the national dish of Sezentrania. Sezentrania doesn't have a music culture, due to low interests in music around the nation. Reading books are also a widely-spread pastime and sports is also popular, with badminton being a popular sport.


Sezentranian Government is the official newspaper and website of the Republic. Not much other media is made. YouTube is very popular too in the Republic.