Social Christian Party of Rino Island

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Social Christian Party of Rino Island
President of the partyArturo Loretti
Deliberative democracy
Christian humanism
Christian democracy
Political positionCentrism
National affiliationNational unity government
International affiliationN/A

The Social Christian Party of Rino Island (Spanish: Partido Social Cristiano; PSC) is a centre-right political party in Rino Island. Since its foundation it has been led by Arturo Loretti. Its ideology is based on Christian democracy, with characteristics typical of Rino Island. Thus, it incorporates distributism and anti-imperialism into its ideology.

Although the party lacks parliamentary representation it is part of the government of President Marco Antonio Rino, where Arturo Loretti has been Minister of Tourism since 2020.

Elections of the President of the National Trade Union Center of Rino Island (2020)

Place Name Party # of Votes Percentage
1 Jordan Pereira Rinoislandic National Unity Party 14 83,5%
2 Arturo Loretti Social Christian Party of Rino Island 3 17,5%