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Constitutional republics are government systems where any laws enacted by the government must abide by the articles of the Constitution. It is the rarest government system in the micronational community because, in the modern era, Absolute monarchies. They are a government system in which one person holds all the executive, legislative, and judicial powers in the nation, whereas in a Constitutional republic, the power is normally divided between three different branches. Normally, in a constitutional republic, laws like jurisdiction for crimes and maritime law are common, because those are the laws that are spelled out by Nation A's constitution. For example, if an oil tanker wrecked off the coast of a micronation, the responsibilities for cleaning it up would normally go to the macronation, but theoretically, it would be under that micronation's jurisdiction under their constitution.

In micronationalism

In micronationism, micronations don't commonly use it because it limits the laws they make, but some people use that system to become even more democratic.


Constituional monarchy

The constitutional monarchy is the same as the constitutional republic, except there is a monarch instead of a president.


An oligarchy is a monarchy, but multiple people share the power, pretty much serving as the different departments.


In an aristocracy, only the highest class of people can govern the country, usually by multiple people, often the richest.

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