Kingdom of Helitania

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Reino de Helitania
Kingdom of Helitania
File:Europe, Asia and Central America
Largest citySanta Marta
Official languagesSpanish
GovernmentParliamentary monarchy
EstablishmentApril 16, 2018
Time zone(UTC)

The Kingdom of Helitania (official name: Reino de Helitania) is a micronation founded on april 16th, 2018. Helitania is a digital micronation with the aim of creating a more tolerant, just and modern society open to new times.

Territorial organization

The Kingdom of Helitania is made up of six provinces: Datilenia, Iberia del Sur, Isla Bonita, La Palmera, Nueva Valencia and Villa Dorada.

Presidents of Helitania

The citizenship of Elitania chooses its president through general elections.

Presidents of Helitania
# Name Took office Left office Party Election
1 María Martín 28 April 2018 23 June 2018
General elections
2 23 June 2018 23 November 2018
General elections
3 Carlos Valencia 24 november 2018 26 april 2019
General elections
4 María Martín 26 april 2019 26 october 2019
General elections
5 Rebeca Alonso 27 october 2019 25 april 2020
General elections