United Micronations (2010)

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This article is about one of the United Micronations. For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

United Micronations

Headquarters On the Internet

Official language English

Membership 3 member states

Foundation December 1, 2010
Websites Official Website

The United Micronations (UM) was an intermicronational organisation aiming to help micronations to gain independence and try to win a seat in the UN for Micronations. The organisation was disestablished in March 2011.


Micronation Date Joined Representative Date Left
Senyaflag.pngDemocratic Environmental Society of Senya 1 Dec 2010 Barnaby Hands 15 March 2011
Flag-of-Juclandia.pngKingdom of Juclandia 23 Jan 2011 King Ciprian 4 March 2011
Vedicflag.pngEmpire of Vedistan 24 January 2011 TBD 15 March 2011
FTSR Flag.png Federation of Tianan Socialist Republics 24 January 2011 Joseph Puglisi 10 March 2011

How to Join

you apply at the UM's website (on the info panel) and click on the icon for the form. Fill it out. then wait for the Committee to make it's decision.