Fourth Republic of Matachewan

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Fourth Republic of Matachewan

Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna
"Free Matachewan"
Delaware, Caribbean, Greenport NY, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Capital cityWilliamsburg
Largest cityWilliamsburg
Official language(s)English, Polish, Spanish, Serbian
Short nameMatachewan
GovernmentFederal Republic
- PresidentRobert Smith
- Speaker of the SejmN/A
- Type - Unicameral
National sportFootball
National drinkVodka
National animalWhite Eagle
Patron saintSt. Adalbert


Government and politics

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Sejm President Cabinet
New Progressive Matachewan Party NPMPlogo.jpg N/A Peaceful Diplomacy, Progressive ideals, Expanded Foreign Diplomacy, Foreign Diplomatic Involvment
2 / 9
0 / 1
0 / 3
United Northern Liberal Party of Matachewan
United Northern Liberal.png
Robert Smith Liberalism, diplomacy, making Matachewan great, expanding territory.
1 / 9
1 / 1
0 / 3
Yedinist Party of Matachewan
N/A Localisation of Provinces
2 / 9
0 / 1
0 / 3
Matachewanian Sejm as of March 2020

The legislature of Matachewan is the Sejm. It is made up of 9 Sejm Members. Out of these Sejm Members, one is the Head of State of a Non-Core Province, holding 3 votes, two are Premiers representing Core Provinces, holding 5 votes each, and three are Minority Representatives, holding 1 vote each. The government is headed by the President of Matachewan, who is elected in a nation wide vote. The President of Matachewan acts as the leader of the nation and as a Speaker of the Sejm. The Republic Protector, who is also elected in a nation wide vote, is the owner of the server in which the Republic functions on a federal level, for life, and also may act as Speaker of the Sejm with permission from the President. The Republic Protector has no votes in the Sejm and cannot run for the office of President.


The Republic of Matachewan is made up of Core Provinces, Non-Core Provinces and Territories. Out of all administrative divisions, territories have the least autonomy. They do not have representation in the Sejm and are almost always territory conquered in war, given in a treaty or given as a gift by a person or micronation. These regions are usually not localised. Core Provinces make up what is considered the mainland of Matachewan. Core Provinces have 5 votes each in the Sejm. Non Core Provinces are the most autonomous administartive division. They may have their own government system, army and foreign relations, however upon joining the Republic their sovereignty is "handed over" to the Republic. Non Core Provinces have 3 votes each in the Sejm and are most commonly former Commonwealth Memberstates.

Foreign relations

Country Matachewan recognises Matachewan is recognised by Alliance War Official diplomat to Matachewan Official diplomat from Matachewan
Imperial Federation of Elysium Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Empire of Etukan Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Yedinist Republic of New Prussia Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Hausgurd Union of Crowns Yes Yes Yes No No No
Grand Kingdom of Matachewan No No No No No No