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This government seems to be a ripoff of Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, and an effort to start up large issues in the wiki, the wiki is not for your micronational disputes and arguments, it is for education and knowledge to be spread. --HIM Christina I of Cycoldia (talk) 01:44, 27 March 2020 (UTC)

This government is a breakaway state and does not intend to cause trouble on microwiki. This wiki is built specifically for articles on all micronational affairs, inclusive of breakaway states. --User:Empress Steinbeck (talk) 16:02, 27 March 2020 (AEST)


This article should be officially deleted from the wiki as it is noneducational, filled with inaccuracies and is indeed a rip off of the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, all this state does and will continue to do is create problems and to allow such problems on the wiki isn't worth it. Brandon I of Matachewan (talk) 18:18 May 18th 2020 (EST)

It is hotly debatable whether or not the Republic of Matachewan is a "rip off" of anything, and even if it were it is a breakaway state. Microwiki is for information. This article is information, and unlike the page you referenced, this page is properly formatted and lacks empty categories. For a micronation that has existed for years less then your kingdom, this page has a fair ammount of information in comparison to your kingdom's article. Klara (talk) 3:04 June 5th 2020 (UTC)

"For a nation that has existed for years less than the Kingdom", you do realize that the Fourth Republic has only been active for 3 months or so and compared to Matachewan's and the Kingdom's lifespan to call it legitimate is just an insult to the Republic and yourself when the Kingdom has become recognized as the only Matachewan and we ask you rebels respect it as such and to talk about the empty sections, sure it has empty spots but the thing this page and so called nation can't claim or seem the grasp is the fact it does not have the history or culture that the Kingdom and Matachewan established. Now please with all do respect stop living in a delusional fantasy. Brandon I of Matachewan (talk) 4:54 June 5th 2020 (EST)