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Good day, I bid Your Majesty good tidings and thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read this email. I would like to take this brief moment to discuss a topic of great interest to both myself, and the people whom I represent.

I am the current monarch of the Phoklandian Imperium, a MicroNation that has existed in sporadic continuation since 2007. It is in this capacity that I approach you today in the hopes that formal diplomatic relations can be established between our nation and the Kingdom of Baustralia.

In the hopes of attaining such relations, I feel it only appropriate that I share some information about our great state.

The nation of Phokland (in it's current form) has existed since December of 2017 when (after four years of inactivity) the current monarch and former Prime Minister (myself) decided to reinstate the nation in the hopes of creating a global community of like minded individuals, who share a common interest and respect in monarchies.

Sine our re-establishment, Phokland has seen a diplomatic and cultural boom, with the nation (at present) holding formal relations with over 40 other micro states, globally. Some nations of note include Austenasia, Flandrensis and Westartica.

Our nation is unique in regards to territorial possessions as while our capital of Vundenberg acts as our only official claim of land, this is in addition to ceremonial holdings in antarctica (though these are not seen as legitimate holdings).

Now there is much more to say about our great state, but the best way to sum up what we are is: A great state, with a bright future, who hopes to form a valuable and potentially beneficial relationship with the nation of Baustralia.

I hope to hear back from you soon and look forward to continued communications.

With warm regards,

HIM Charles A. Ross- Phoklandian Imperium

P.S. Here are some helpful links to learn more about our state:

--MissEDconexion (Dat boi from Phokland ) (talk) 16:18, 24 October 2019 (UTC)