United Vuaqava

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United Vuaqava
Cwnfyddyryswn Gi Fwqafa
Flag of United Vuaqava
Seal of United Vuaqava
Motto: "Serenity for our people"
and largest city
Official languages
GovernmentDirect democracy
• Minister-General
• Deputy-General
Al Nutteure
• President
• Minister of Democracy
Desslok V. Nafage
LegislatureLegislative Department
Establishment2 January 2021
• Census
CurrencyLira (Ʋ)
Time zoneUTC+0,UTC+13
Internet TLD.cf
Preceded by
Free States of Tinakula

United Vuaqava is a micronation located primarily in the British Isles, but with an overseas territory at Vuaqava, for which the nation is named.



From October 5 to January 4, Vuaqava Island was claimed to be the territory of the Free States of Tinakula, however United Vuaqava had already claimed the island 2 days before Tinakula ended their claim.


After the Tinakulan election scandal of 2021, Lawrence Martin, the leader of Tinakula, was kicked from the discord server by the rogue Afrasiyab Jamshaid, who claimed to be the leader. Many political opponents of Jamshaid were also kicked, and the "Free Tinakula" group, consisting of Martin and 5 others was formed, with the intent to liberate Tinakulan citizens from the oppression caused by the former leader Jamshaid.

Free Tinakula quickly changed their name to United Vuaqava and a flag was created the same day. The reason Vuaqava was chosen as the namesake was to move away from the use of Tinakula, as the name had been "severely tarnished" according to Lawrence Martin.

The government then dropped all claims that clashed with Tinakula, with the exception of Vuaqava which was later given to them.

A constitution was ratified 8 days after the formation of United Vuaqava.


United Vuaqava has territorial claims of islands in the river Thames, the river Wey, the river Mole and a lake in Shepperton. A park in Walton on Thames is claimed, and is the capital of the nation.

Vuaqava island is located in the Southern Lau Group of islands in Fiji, and has a large lake in the centre of the island.


United Vuaqava is a direct democracy, with a ranked voting system. In this system, citizens are asked to rank each candidate on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being dislike and 10 being like. Representatives of ministerial districts are voted on every 2 months, and the leadership is voted on every 4 months.

Currently, not all seats have been filled, however 2 are held by independent candidates, who are not listed here.

There are 3 departments of government, the Legislative Department, the Executive Department and the Judiciary Department.

The Legislative Department consists of the Chamber of Ministers, a group of 13 who each hold a seat.

The Executive Department is headed by the Minister-General.

The Judiciary Department is headed by the Minister of Democracy.

Party Logo Party Leader Deputy Ideology Seats Cabinet
Alliance Party Lawrence Martin UnitedWorlds Green Libertarian, Centrism
2 / 13
2 / 6
Christian Democrats N/A Matthew T. Connor Liberal Conservatism, National Conservatism
2 / 13
2 / 6
Republican Party N/A GoldAxe Al Nutteure Paleo-Libertarianism
3 / 13
1 / 6
Hellenic Party N/A Sayaka N/A Hellenic Faith
1 / 13
0 / 6
Seat Minister Party
Brooklands Ait Matt T. Christian Democrat
Charvil Eyot Sayaka Hellenic Party
Fishmore Park and Capital Territories Lawrence Martin Liberal Party
Hallsmead Ait N/A N/A
Harpsden Ait N/A N/A
Lower Shiplake Ait N/A N/A
The Lynch Desslok Nafage Independent
Neilson Eyot UnitedWorlds Alliance
Phillimore Island Dominic Independent
Poplar Eyot GoldAxe Republican
Shepperton Lake Eyot Partisan Liberal Party
Vuaqava N/A N/A
Wargrave Patrick Island Florida Republican


The commissioner of the VPF is always the Minister-General, currently Lawrence Martin.

The Vuaqavan Police Force is split into 3 precincts.

The 01 - covers all territory west of Brooklands Ait

The 02 - covers all territory east of, and including, Brooklands Ait

The 03 - covers Vuaqava (no officers)

Precinct 01 02 03
Commanding Officer Matthew Turner OEV Lt. Elethant N/A
Officers Sgt. UnitedWorlds Cmr. Lawrence Martin, Kortez Banderaz N/A



University of Vuaqava
Logo of the University Of Vuaqava
TypePublic University
Established2 Jan 2021
ChancellorMatthew Turner OEV
Academic staff
CampusVirtual (online)

The University of Vuaqava was founded the day Vuaqava itself was founded. The University was founded by Matthew Turner OEV, as a continuation of the Tinakulan University which he previously headed, before his dismissal from the nation after the Tinakulan voting scandal.

There are currently three teachers, Matthew Turner OEV, who teaches Latin, Lawrence Martin, who teaches cooking and cooking theory, and UnitedWorlds, who teaches History.

On the 26 January 2021, the Vuaqavan National Resource Library was opened as part of the University. The VNRL contains every document that has passed through, whether ratified or not. It also contains records of governmental meetings, along with logos and graphics created by the Federal Government.

National Resource Library
Logo of the VNRL
Formation26 Jan 2021
Official language
English, Esperanto
OwnerFederal Government of Vuaqava
Key people
Lawrence Martin
WebsiteNational Resource Library

Order of Excellence

Order of Excellence of Vuaqava
Order of Excellence of Vuaqava
TypeNational order
Established26 Jan 2021
First headLawrence Martin
First induction26 Jan 2021

The Order of Excellence was established on the 26th of January 2021. It was immediately awarded to Matthew Turner for his exceptional contributions to education in the nation.