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The NeoUK micronation is chiefly based in the real world, with some activities like diplomatic outreach occurring online. Established in late 2019, it is a relatively new nation but has endeavoured to establish a foothold and remain relevant in the never-ending onslaught of micronation drama. The NeoUK has done rather nicely for itself, creating a website and online archive. It is always eager to develop diplomatic relations and has a small organization/alliance going by the name Compact Alliance for Micronations, often abbreviated as CAM. It is mostly used as a trade organization between allies it wishes to be particularly good allies with, see Compact Alliance for Micronations.

The NeoUK possesses a unique form of government; it has a Westminster style Legislature, with an American court and with a byzantine executive.

Alliances and Diplomatic Relations

The NeoUK is famously liberal, but to contrast is terribly conservative with whom it allies with; for proof observe how few members are in CAM. Of course, they rarely shy away from diplomatic relations, but they will rarely do anything with those allies. The NeoUK has joined the LIN and is in clear and open opposition of the United Socialist Republics , as demonstrated in the Hostile Nations Decree, ECD-058. Their timidity when forming alliances is further evidence of the cautious nature of the Executive Committee; whether that attribute is detrimental or useful is not for this page to say.

Currently, as the leadership would attest, is short on legates and envoys, therefore all diplomatic relations are split between the Chief Ambassador Extraordinarily and Plenipotentiary and Foreign Minister and the Right Honourable, the Lord Protector. They split roles rather nicely in a 1:2 ratio. The Lord Protector works in servers to elevate the NeoUK's reputation, and the Foreign Minister advises him, as well as the rest of the leadership, in all matters relating to relations with foreign powers.

Current Government

The government since 2019, has been firmly Labour. The Executive is lead by the Progressive J. Sal, with Executive Committee Members A. Val as Press Secretary and S.J. Sal as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with J. Paul as Chief Aide De Camp. The leader of the Elected Government is C. San, with the opposition being lead by BPMP Whip A. Pen. the Executive committee is acting very rapidly to deal with the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and has done quite a bit through the extensive use of Article 7 of Amendment A, the power described as Emergency Legislation. The Opposition is lead by the Bipartisan Moderate Party Leader A. Pen. with Minority Leader J. Ino.

Governmental Style

The NeoUK's government is divided into three branches, the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, as established in the Britanniarum Regnum Novum and amendments A, B and C(see Founding Documents.)

The Executive is headed by the Right Honourable, The Lord Protector, who is also the head of government and head of state, and further divided into, in order of precedent, the Executive Committee, the Prime Minister and finally the Cabinet, the Directory and all other bureaucracy. The Prime-Minister is the equal of the Lord Protector for the lower half of the government or the elected portion. Similarly, the Executive Committee is full of ministers and directors like the cabinet/ cabinet-level personnel.

The Legislature is headed by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, although is technically run by the Speaker. It is composed of the Parliament, and all chambers that lie within, being the Superior and Inferior chamber, the House of Lords and the House of Commons respectively. Before the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, they would assemble in person.

The Judiciary is divided into circuit courts and the appellate court, otherwise known as the Appellate Crown Court. The Appellate Crown Court is the highest court of the land and is composed of five Justices. Circuit courts or district courts are territorial and have one judge.


Founding Documents and Constitutional Reformation

In early to mid-2020, the NeoUK held a referendum to rewrite its constitution, and after several months of debate, editing and consulting as directed by several high profile members, the Leader of the Opposition and the new Labour Leadership, there was a new constitution, the so-called Legal Revision Britanniarum Regnum Novum which had various language changes, omissions and further consisted of three amendments, titled A, B, and C each respectively established the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. Amendments A, B and C in agency with the Legal Revision Britanniarum Regnum Novum are know as the Founding Documents.

Collectively the referendum and authoring are dubbed as the Constitutional Reformation, or simply the Reformation.

Territories and Provinces

The NeoUK is entitled to the ownership of two provinces, the Northeastern Territory (NET) and Yorkshire Province (YRK), respectively located in Maryland and Texas. Primos Civitatis, located in Yorkshire Province is where the majority of all NeoUK citizens are located. Northeastern Territory on the other hand, is sparely populated; it is so sparsely populated that there is a distinct lack of local government.

While Yorkshire province has the larger population and local tax revenue, it has an absolutely apathetic government that does nothing and has passed no laws.