State of Wamong

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State of Wamong
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Motto: Praise God! Praise him always! The land shall be remade! The people shall be saved!
Anthem: Wamong, Our Holy Utopia!

Our Holy O'Duighan!
StatusUnrecognized state
Official languagesEnglish, Duighanish
GovernmentFederal Duighanist Socialist Constitutional Necrocratic Theocratic Monarchy
under a Military Dictatorship
• Lord
Jesus Christ
• King
Harold I (IPW)
• Premier
Harold Duighan (IPW)
• President
Vincent Wilhelm von Ironside (IPW)
LegislatureWamong Legislature
Supreme Holy Congress
People's Congress
Independence from the United States
• Colony
4 March 1681
• Territory of America
3 September 1783
• Autonomy
29 July 2009
• Independence
5 April 2016
• Republic
15 February 2018
• Communist state
10 March 2021
• Constitution ratified
26 March 2021
• Monarchy
9 July 2021
• Dissolution
16 July 2021
0.019 sq mi (0.049 km2)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
• Density
1,105/sq mi (426.6/km2) (29th)
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
$16.4 (214th)
Gini (2021)0.413
HDI (2021)0.521
low · 167th
CurrencyWamongian Moss
Time zoneUTC-3:50 (Duighan National Time)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.wm (proposed)

Wamong is a self-proclaimed sovereign state and independence movement located in North-Western Pennsylvania in the United States. It was proclaimed on 15 February 2018. It is an observer state of the Grand Unified Micronational and a member of the Micronational Assembly. It has since split into two separate governments due to a coup on 10 June 2021, which has led to a crisis.


Wamong's name comes from the fact that it's founder, Harold Duighan, was reading through an almanac, and noticed that none of the nations mentioned in it had a name that started with the letter "W". Thus, Harold wished to find a solution to this, and since he was extremely interested in politics and wished to create his own country so he could solve the world's problems, he chose to found the nation of Wamong.


Foundation and Republican Era (2018)

The nation of Wamong was declared on 15 February 2018 after Harold Duighan, the nation's founder, read an almanac, which included a section listing the names of the world's countries, which were included in alphabetical order. He noticed there were no nations that started with the letter "W", so he decided that he wished to change that. At the time, he also wished to solve the world's problems by creating his own government and instituting his own solutions, as well, so he wanted to create his own nation. Thus, Wamong was born. At the time, he was also interested in micronations such as Sealand and Molossia, and wanted to emulate what they did, as well. This all occurred when Harold was in the 6th grade when he was around 12 years old. Harold thus began designing his own flag while he was in class at school, and he began preparing for his new nation to become a real country that was recognized by the UN. He even held elections and declared himself the President of Wamong, and presented his declaration of independence to his mother. However, soon, the nation began to slow down in development and stagnate.

Stagnant Period (2018-2021)

The nation did not develop much besides a flag and his declaration of independence. He was soon laughed away by his parents, who saw his nation as just him being a little kid and using his imagination. The nation quickly disappeared into inactivity as the years went by, as he did not know what to do with it, and he had more pressing personal matters to attend to. However, he still wished for his nation to grow and develop, and eventually reach full independence.

At that time, Harold engaged in an aggressive foreign policy by invading several nations such as Mushroomia, (at the time known as Mossia), and the United States in a series of undeclared wars. He was successful in all of these attempts, and it helped keep his nation afloat for the time being throughout the so-called Stagnant Period. The invasion of Mushroomia was perhaps the largest of these wars, as it spanned several months where Harold slowly made incursions into the nation over the course of several months, especially during the so-called Backyard Campaign, which began on 30 July 2018.

Return from Inactivity

The nation quickly returned from inactivity after the Great States of O'Duighan collapsed on 2 March 2021. This left Wamong as the only remaining micronation that Harold ruled, save for the Holy Empire of Jesus, though that nation would be handed over to Vincent I of Arthuria later on. Wamong, which had been left mostly inactive, though still intact for all those years, was suddenly brought out of inactivity and was being developed for a new era of prosperity. The country then adopted Maoist Communism, and became a one-party state after the Working People's Duighanist Party seized power on 10 March 2021. This began the Communist Era.

Communist Era (2021)

Wamong became a Communist state on 10 March 2021, and began to modernize greatly. It adopted a new constitution, changed its name, changed its flag, and adopted an emblem. It began growing its culture and developing a language, and seemed to be growing immensely. It also set up an alliance of puppet states to control, so it could grow its influence. However, this growth lost steam. It soon began to stagnate once more, had an economic crisis, and even began hurting its own relations due to its association with Maoism. The nation went to war over the so called "Northwestern Region", though no fighting actually occurred, and even managed to join the GUM as an observer state. Eventually, on 21 May 2021, Communism ended after the WPDP dropped its support of Communism and the nation became a Socialist State. It then became a Crowned Republic, with Harold Duighan becoming the Doge of Wamong. However, the Communist constitution still remains in force, so Communism has not officially ended yet, thus the Communist Era continues.


Wamong gradually turned into a heavily religious project around the tail end of the Communist Era, when Harold began becoming increasingly religious and obsessed with God. He soon made it his goal to recreate Eden, the paradise made by God in the Bible. He felt that society had failed and had become infested what he believes to be the "Atheistic-Satanistic-Demonic Axis", which have aims to kill of Christianity and ensure the world is thrown into chaos. He then began attempting to increasingly enforce religious values into Wamong and turn it into a Christian Theocracy. Wamong itself was heavily based around Christian values even before this, however, though it was not enforced as much, due to it being mostly inactive for a long time.

Present Day

Since then, Wamong has began to reform itself so it can modernize and remove itself from the days of authoritarian Communism and Maoism. It has since become a One-party Socialist Crowned Republic, though it has begun to become less authoritarian and has managed to please those who condemned it in the past. The constitution of Wamong is also being amended, though it has not been finished as of currently, thus the Communist constitution remains in force.

Eras of Wamong

Era Period Time Frane Full Country Name Length of Era Notes
Colonial Era Provincial Period 1681 - 1754 British Empire 72 years, 303 days
British Period 1754 - 1775 21 years, 108 days
Revolutionary Period 1775 - 1783 8 years, 137 days
American Era Indian Period 1783 - 1788 United States of America 4 years, 252 days
Americanized Period 1788 - 1925 136 years, 234 days
Settlement Period 1925 - 1979 54 years, 45 days
Proto-Wamong Period 1979 - 2009 30 years, 164 days
Enlightenment Period 2009 - 2016 6 years, 251 days
Republican Era Independent Period 2016 - 2018 State of Wamong 1 year, 316 days
First Republic 15 February 2018 - 10 March 2021 Republic of Wamong 3 years, 23 days
Second Republic 10 March 2021 - 3 June 2021 Communal People's Republic of Wamong 85 days
Third Republic 3 June 2021 - 8 July 2021 Transitional People's Government of Wamong 35 days
Democratic Republic of Wamong
Monarchial Era Haroldian Period 8 July 2021 – present Holy Socialist Kingdom of Wamong 2 years, 232 days
State of Wamong

Politics and Government

Wamong is a Federal Socialist Monarchy that also incorporates Socialist Democracy as well. It has 2 Republics, the Wamongian Socialist Republic and the Duighan Socialist Republic, which each have their own regional legislatures. Both of these legislatures make up both the Upper and Lower houses of the Wamong Legislature, the national legislature. Both Republics are split equally between the three separate Communes of the nation.


Election Date Type Candidates Results Chart
2018 15 February 2018 Presidential Harold Duighan, (IPW) Harold Duighan: 100%
2019 15 February 2019 Legislative IPW, Independents IPW: 25%

Independents: 75%

2020 15 February 2020 Legislative IPW, Independents IPW: 50%

Independents: 50%

2021 I 10 March 2021 Legislative WPDP, NMMP WPDP: 87.5%

NMMP: 12.5%

2021 II 16 April 2021 Legislative WPDP, RPW WPDP: 57%

RPW: 43%

2021 III 16 June 2021 Presidential/Legislative Harold Duighan, (WPDP)

Johnni Duighan, (RPW)

Chibi Duighan, (PSRP)

Harold Duighan: 63.6%

Johnni Duighan: 27.3%

Chibi Duighan: 9.1%

2021 IV 25 June 2021 Legislative IPW, LFIP IPW: 83.3%

LFIP: 16.7%

2021 V 24 November 2021 Legislative PPW, MIP, SPW, CP N/A
2022 19 February 2022 Presidential Harold Duighan, (PPW) N/A

Political Parties

Logo Party Name Political position Leader Date of foundation Membership Seats
Registered Parties
People's Party of Wamong Duighanism, Christian Socialism, Vanguardianism Harold Duighan 15 February 2018 17
17 / 20
Monarcho-Individualist Party Monarchism, Individualism Tinemine 25 June 2021 1
1 / 20
Communist Party of Wamong Communism SumPup 2 July 2021 1
1 / 20
Socialist Party of Wamong Socialism Timothy Schoonover 2 July 2021 1
1 / 20
Unregistered Parties
The Populists Populism, Liberalism John Lakes 2 July 2021 1
0 / 8

Law and Order

The nation has no police force, instead, the military serves as the main police force for the nation. The People's Tribunal is the main court in the nation. The People's Tribunal is tasked with trying and charging those who commit crimes. Such crimes consist of treason against the government, such as planning a coup, or committing murder and such. The nation does not have the death penalty, so those who are tried may either be deported and have their citizenship revoked, be imprisoned, or be refused certain benefits given by the government.

Foreign Relations

Diplomatic Relations of Wamong as of May 2021

The nation has very few foreign relations with any nations. Currently, the nation recognizes all member states and observer states in the U.N., all members and observers in it's alliance called the People's Protection Pact, and the Arthurian Empire, it's closest ally. It has no diplomatic missions to any U.N.-recognized nations, however, there are plans to create an embassy to the United States of America. Its foreign relations began around 2 March 2021, when the government began building relations with nations that were associated with the former government of O'Duighan. However, most of the nations associated with O'Duighan collapsed, such as the Seabourgian Commonwealth, which fell apart on 8 April. Another nation, known as the Republic of Manitoba, collapsed in May due to the government being couped. The nation has mostly maintained relations with the Arthurian Empire and the Kingdom of Begon, as they are closely associated with Wamong due to the O'Duighan Civil War. Diplomatic missions are also being prepared with U.N.-recognized nations in preparation for the nation's eventual planned independence in 2029.

Organizations Wamong is Associated with

Organization Status Notes
Grand Unified Micronational Observer Accepted as an Observer state on 20 May 2021
Micronational Assembly Member Joined on 3 March 2021
League of Independent Nations Rejected Applied, but was rejected due to allegations of Authoritarianism, and due to criticism of government structure. The nation has since applied again, and is awaiting the results.

Administrative Regions

The nation has 5 administrative regions, called Communes. These regions are the Commune of Eden, the Commune of Basementia, the Commune of Potatia, the Commune of Haroldstadt, and the Commune of Shed. The nation also has an autonomous region, though it is actually a colony, called the Autonomous Chair Colony of Wamong.

Name Flag Arms Size Population Officials Established
Commune of Eden
0.3 acres 9 Governor
Kira Duighan
24 November 2019
Commune of Potatia
0.6 acres 7 Governor
Harold Duighan
15 February 2018
Commune of Shed 0.1 acres 5 Governor
Bob Groundhog
17 July 2020
Autonomous Communes
Autonomous Commune of Chair 9 sq feet 0 Autonomous Councilor
Sam Duighan
5 November 2019
Occupied Territories
Wamongian-American Military Zone 0.3 acres 0 Military Governor
Vincent Ironside
16 June 2021


The military of Wamong consists of the Democratic Army of Wamong, though it is known by its unofficial name, the Wamong Military, which was used as the name of the Wamongian military, as it lacked an official name for most of its history. The DRW was formed on the country's founding on 15 February 2018, and consisted of 1 soldier. It has since grown to have around 5 soldiers, with 2 of those soldiers being in active duty, and the rest are in reserve. The military was briefly replaced by the People's Red Army of Wamong due to the Communists seeing the DRW as a disorganized, weak mess, so they decided to attempt to make their own military. However, the Communist regime fell on 3 June 2021, and the military took over and reestablished the DRW.


Macronational Classifications
Index Score
Democracy Index 5.4
Micronational Classifications
Index Score
Bloodsmythe-Tallini System of Classification Bricks and Mortar, Tiny, Statehood, 6th World
Dresner's System of Classification 2.2
Economic Potential Index 1.5

Geography and Climate

The geography of Wamong consists of flat grasslands and average wooded areas. The wildlife in Wamong consist of robins, cardinals, bluebirds, as well as white tailed deer and gray squirrels. There is also a groundhog that is well-known by Wamongian residents, who have named him Bob the Groundhog. Other natural phenomena consist of pine trees and sunflowers, which grow regularly during the summer. Wamong has a climate that consists of snows around November to March, and hot summers from April to October. This type of geography and climate is common around Pennsylvania.

Climate data for Wamong
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 0
Average low °C (°F) -7.2
[citation needed]

Culture and Media

The culture of Wamong is influenced mainly by American culture, though it also has minor influences of German culture as well. It has slowly begun developing into it's own culture, however, due to the government's policy of "De-Americanization", which aims to do away with American culture and attempt to create a fully developed "Wamongian" culture.

National Holidays

24 November - New Year's Day (Duighan National Calendar)

1 January - New Year's Day (Gregorian Calendar)

15 February - Freedom Day

19 February - Unification Day

10 March - Revolution Day

9 September - Mao Remembrance Day

10 October - Edenian Cat Day

31 October - Halloween

7 November - October Socialist Revolution Day

25 December - Christmas


Currently, there is not much literature being written in Wamong. The only types of written media in Wamong consist of the nation's only newspaper, Wamong Communal News. However, there is the Principles of Duighanism, a small document that states the ideals of the Duighanist ideology. However, Wamong is a nation that promotes literature and reading. The most popular books in the nation as of now are War of the Worlds and Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong, which is one of Harold Duighan's favorite books.


The nation lacks much in media, besides the nation's newspaper, Wamong Communal News. However, there are plans to grow the media output by branching out into radio broadcasts, and eventually television. The nation has a game development company that develops video games in the nation. It is the only company that does this.

State Symbols

This poster is an example of Wamongian Nationalism. Translation: "Fight for Freedom! Fight for Wamong! Fight for Communism!"

Wamong's flag consists of a tricolor, which has a blue bar on the right, a white bar in the middle, and a purple bar on the left. The flag then has a red star in the center. The blue symbolizes intelligence, the white symbolizes purity and peace, and the purple symbolizes Christ and religion. These colors are meant to symbolize some of the basic values of Duighanism, the nation's ideology. The red star symbolizes Socialism.

The national emblem consists of a laurel with a red star in the center, and the red star is in the center of a sun. The laurels symbolize the people and the land of Wamong, the red star symbolizes Socialism, and the Sun symbolizes the Heavens, and God himself. Once again, the emblem was made symbolize the basic values of Duighanism. The ideology of Duighanism is a central part of Wamongian culture. Many of the national symbols and media distributed by Wamong are made to promote or symbolize the basic principles and values of Duighanist ideology as a whole.


The nation also promotes a sense of Nationalism as well, especially with propaganda. Nationalism was heavily pushed after the Communists took power and began instituting "De-Americanization" policies. The Duighanish language was promoted by using it in propaganda, the Duighan National Calendar was made the official calendar, and the nation even adopted Duighan National Time, the nation's own official time zone, which is set at UTC -3:50. The government wanted to create a separate identity for those who are citizens of Wamong, in order to prepare and create their own independence movement, so that the nation can finally separate from the United States fully.


Wamong population
2018 1—    
2019 4+300.0%
2020 9+125.0%
2021 11+22.2%


Wamong is a country that consists of mostly Christians, which make up about 62.5% of the population. Christianity is also the state-sponsored religion in Wamong, as it is promoted heavily by the ruling party, the Working People's Duighanist Party. However, the Christian majority is divided up into three groups, the Methodists, the Roman Catholics, and Nondenominational Christians. There is also a large minority of Atheist/Unaffiliated citizens, which makes up 37.5% of the population. This minority began appearing around 2020, and has since been slowly growing, though it began to shrink around 2021. The Atheist minority has also clashed with majority Christians, though this has been only minor.

This chart shows the current religious views of Wamongian citizens.
Religious Demographics of Wamong
Year Population Citizens Residents
2018 1 100% Nondenominational Christianity 100% Nondenominational Christianity
2019 4 25% Nondenominational Christianity

50% Methodist Christianity

25% Catholic Christianity

25% Nondenominational Christianity

50% Methodist Christianity

25% Catholic Christianity

2020 9 11.1% Nondenominational Christianity

22.2% Methodist Christianity

22.2% Catholic Christianity

44.4% Atheism

14.3% Nondenominational Christianity

28.6% Methodist Christianity

14.3% Catholic Christianity

42.9% Atheism

2021 11 9.1% Nondenominational Christianity

18.2% Methodist Christianity

18.2% Catholic Christianity

54.5% Atheism

10% Nondenominational Christianity

20% Methodist Christianity

10% Catholic Christianity

60% Atheism

2022 21 9.5% Nondenominational Christianity

4.8% Methodist Christianity

4.8% Catholic Christianity

19.0% Atheism

61.9% Vanguardian Christianity

12.5% Nondenominational Christianity

6.3% Methodist Christianity

0.0% Catholic Christianity

0.0% Atheism

81.3% Vanguardian Christianity

Ethnic Groups

The dominant ethnic group in Wamong are White Americans. For most of Wamong's history between 2018-2020, the country was entirely homogenous, consisting of solely White Americans. It was not until 2020 that another ethnic group, which consisted of non-human animals, specifically Cats, that the country was no longer homogenous. Currently, Cats make up 37.5% of the population, whilst White Americans make up 62.5% of the population.


Wamong has no education system, or any schools whatsoever. However, most citizens are educated to some degree. Most citizens have either a high school education, or have been in college. Most citizens are literate, and can write. However, 37.5% of Wamongian citizens cannot read, write, and have never received any education. This is only contained in the Cat ethnic group in Wamong, however.


Most citizens speak English, as that is one of the official languages in the nation. However, Duighanish is also spoken by 12.5% of the population, and it is also an official language. However, 37.5% of citizens speak in only meows, which is also contained solely in the Cat ethnic group. This language has been named Meowspeak, however, it is not recognized by the government as a language, as it is spoken solely by the non-human Cats.


Wamong's GDP growth between 2018 and present day.


Wamong is one of the poorest nations in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product of only $209, and a GDP per capita of only $26. It's economic system for over 2 years was what has since been called a "Reliance Economy", which in simple terms is where a nation relies solely on foreign aid to supply the economy. From its foundation in February 2018 to July 2020, this was the economic system Wamong had in place, and helped to breed economic success into the country. However, after the government spent money attempting to acquire computers and other goods, all of their money was used up, and the economy collapsed. The GDP was $600 in June, and the nation also had a GDP per capita of $150 in June 2020, just above capita, but then that all came crashing down in July 2020, where the economy went to $0. This led to economic collapse, which the nation has never recovered from.

Wamong's GDP per capita between 2018 and present day.
Wamong's HDI between 2018 and present day.

Since then, the economy has made a small rebound, but the country still remains poorer than ever. There have also since been attempts to revitalize the economy by attempting to develop a booming consumer industry, which has led to minor progress, though no actual consumer products have been made, as the government still sits at the drawing board. The country still relies solely on foreign aid, though the government also wishes to free itself from relying on such things, so it can become economically independent.

The government has planned several projects and formed several companies that are tasked with developing and finishing several projects that are intended to boost economic activity. It is hoped that when these projects are finished that the economy will suddenly revive itself and get out of the slump it is in. These projects are currently still under wraps, and not much is known about them on the outside, as the government wishes to keep them secret.


Currently, the country has a few companies, though these are all state-owned:

Wamong State Media

Wamong Communal News (owned by Wamong State Media)

NH Comics

DoomClock456 Games

Wamong State Television

Wamong National Radio (owned by Wamong State Media)

Current Development Projects

Mongball - A comic series planned to be released later in July 2021.

MapWars - A show planned to be released in July 2021.

Game Project 1 - A planned video game intended to be released in late August 2021.


Year Population GDP(US$) GDP per capita(US$) GDP growth rate HDI
2018 1 240 240 - 0.448
2019 4 480 120 100% 0.564
2020 9 80 8.8 -83.33% 0.000
2021 21 345 16.4 331.25% 0.521

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