O'Duighan Civil War

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O'Duighan Civil War

Photo taken during Operation Red Fury on 17 February 2021.
Date9 – 19 February 2021 (10 days)
Status Free State of O'Duighan surrenders, and is dissolved. Victory for the Pro-Socialist Coalition.
People's Socialist Republic of O'Duighan
Arthurian Empire
Kingdom of Begon
Free State of O'Duighan
Units involved
Duighan People's Red Army
General Vincent Ironside
Harold Duighan
Christoph Billung
Free State Rebels
Simbach A. Vazo
9 2

The O'Duighan Civil War was a conflict between the People's Socialist Republic of O'Duighan and its allies, and the Free State of O'Duighan, which is a rebel government formed by former Vice President Simbach A. Vazo.


The war takes its roots after Harold Duighan and his party, the Social Moralist People's Party, declared a Socialist One-party State in O'Duighan on 6 February 2021. Simbach did not approve of this declaration, however, and greatly protested the new system, citing that it went against Democracy. Simbach wanted Harold to reinstate Democracy, but Harold refused, and did not budge on the issue.

Start of the War (9 February 2021 - 11 February 2021)

Simbach proclaimed the Free State of O'Duighan on 9 February 2021, and proclaimed that his new rebel government would defend Democracy. Harold greatly opposed this, and attempted to shut his rebellion down. However, nothing worked, and Simbach began promoting his new rebellion and asking people to rally against Harold's rule. Harold then ran to the Arthurian embassy, and begged Vincent I, the Emperor of the Arthurian Empire, to help him, stating that he would get land if he allied with his nation. Vincent agreed and brought his own allied nations to form a coalition with O'Duighan in order to get Simbach to surrender. They began making plans to crush Simbach's rebellion and end the war. There have been plans made for military action, but they have not commenced yet. Simbach still refuses to surrender.

Stalemate (11 February 2021 - 17 February 2021)

After a while, the war came to a standstill. General Vincent Ironside began making plans with Harold Duighan to crush the Free State Rebels. This led to the creation of Operation Red Fury, a multi-stage operation that was meant to crush Simbach and his forces.

Operation Red Fury and collapse of the Free State of O'Duighan (17 February 2021 - 19 February 2021)

On the 17th of February, Operation Red Fury was set in motion, and it led to a crushing victory for the Socialist Coalition. DPRA forces moved northwards, pushing the Free State Rebels back. They quickly moved East, capturing Eastern Potatia, and the split the Free State in two. In less than an hour, most of what the Free State Rebels held were gone, and their territory was split into three groups. By then, all was lost for the Free State, and it was clear that Operation Red Fury was a success for the Socialist Coalition. There was one more small incursion made by the DPRA, known as the Trash Incursion, but it was minimal, as the Free States had already lost by then. One day later, the Free States surrendered, and the Treaty of Edenville was signed, ending the war.


The war ended in a victory for the Socialists, and it secured Socialist hegemony over O'Duighan. The war made way for the Communists to seize power after O'Duighan was absorbed into the Republic of Wamong, which led to the creation of the Working People's Duighanist Party, a Maoist Communist party, which led to the creation of a One-Party Communist State.


Most nations outside of the war reacted negatively to the conflict, seeing it as a pointless, stupid war, that was mildly "cringe", so to say. Besides that, most other nations ignored it.