Communal People's Republic of Wamong

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Communal People's Republic of Wamong
Koumuonaelae Poupuolaesae Repuobiekae oufae Waemougae (Duighanish)
Motto: For Freedom, We Shall Fight!
Anthem: Be Free, Our Wamong!
(to the tune of Hail Columbia)

The People's March
(to the tune of Bonnie Blue Flag)
Wamong Map1.png
StatusUnrecognized state, Member of the People's Protection Pact
Official languagesEnglish, Duighanish
Religion(2021)25% Christian
15% Catism
60% Irreligious
GovernmentFederal One-Party Duighanist People's Republic
Harold Duighan
LegislaturePeople's Central Communal Committee
Independence from the United States
• Established as the Republic of Wamong
45 Basemen 1899 (15 February 2019)
• Communist state declared
68 Basemen 1901 (10 March 2021)
• First constitution
12 Potat 1901 (26 March 2021)
• Current constitution
33 Potat 1901 (16 April 2021)
0.019 sq mi (0.049 km2)
• Water (%)
• 2021 estimate
• Density
1,053/sq mi (406.6/km2)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyWamongian Moss
Time zoneUTC-3:50 (Duighan National Time)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.wm (proposed)

The Communal People's Republic of Wamong (Duighanish: Koumuonaelae Poupuolaesae Repuobiekae oufae Waemougae), also known as the C.P.R.W. or Wamong, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, which is commonly known as a micronation by external observers, that is located in Pennsylvania in the United States. It was proclaimed independent on 45 Basemen 1899 (15 February 2019), and is governed as a One-Party Communist State that is led by the Working People's Duighanist Party. It has a population of 15, and its capital city is Edenville.


Wamong's name comes from the fact that it's founder, Harold Duighan, was reading through an almanac, and noticed that none of the nations mentioned in it had a name that started with the letter "W". Thus, Harold wished to find a solution to this, and since he was extremely interested in politics and wished to create his own country so he could solve the world's problems, he chose to found the nation of Wamong.


Pre-Wamong Era

Flag of the Province of Pennsylvania.
The blue dot on the map shows roughly where the location of the original settlement was.

Before Wamong was ever founded, and before it was ever a part of the United States of America, it was under the territorial control of the British Empire. The territory that now encompasses the nation was a part of the Province of Pennsylvania, a territory that was a part of British America, the British colony that encompassed all of the British colonial possessions in the Americas. The Province of Pennsylvania was founded in 1681, and lasted until 1776, when the Thirteen Colonies revolted against British rule. However, the territory that would become Wamong remained unsettled until 1754, when Native American Indians living in the region founded a settlement in the region. However, this particular settlement remained under British control until 3 September 1783, when the British signed the Treaty of Paris and finally surrendered their control over the Thirteen Colonies and gave the newly-founded United States a large swathe of land, which also included the Native American settlement. This effectively ended the nearly 30 year British colonial rule of the territory that would become Wamong. The Indian settlement would eventually be turned into a new settlement after it was taken over by Americans. This then commenced a 236 year long period where the Americans ruled over the territory. This period would end in 2019, when Wamong declared independence.

Republican Era

Wamong was founded on 15 February 2019. It was proclaimed as a Republic, with Harold Duighan as its leader. He proclaimed himself as the nation's President, and he made a flag as well. He instituted a multi-party republican system but no were ever made, as the nation soon fell into inactivity. During this period, the nation essentially functioned as a Military Dictatorship, though this was not actually intended.

O'Duighan Civil War and Opening Up

Photo of the Shed in the State of Shed in O'Duighan during the O'Duighan Civil War. Photo was taken on 17 February 2021.

By 6 February 2021, Wamong was quite inactive and closed off, but it would suddenly be thrust into activity after it's constituent nation, O'Duighan, suddenly collapsed into brutal civil war after the Fascist regime in the nation collapsed and it converted into Socialist republic. This incident began what was known as the O'Duighan Civil War, which broke out on 9 February 2021. It led to the entire nation collapsing, and rocked the nation to it's very core. The nation split into two factions, the Socialist Faction and the Democratic Faction. The Socialists, which were led by Harold Duighan, who also ruled O'Duighan at this time, were backed by the Arthurian Empire, the Kingdom of Begon, and the Seabourgian Commonwealth. The Democrats consisted of the Pro-Democracy and the breakaway state of the Free State of O'Duighan. The Democratic Faction held the northern territories while the Socialist Faction held the southern territories. However, the war quickly went south for the Democrats after Operation Red Fury was initiated on 17 February 2021, which was a military operation devised by the Duighan military which led to the Democratic Faction surrendering just two days later on 19 February 2021. However, despite the Socialist victory, this led to O'Duighan falling apart and dissolving on 2 March 2021 after it was absorbed by Wamong. This led to Wamong suddenly coming out of inactivity and being forced to open up to the rest of the world for the first time since it's foundation.

Communist Takeover

Wamong quickly began developing itself by borrowing from whatever was left from the rubble that was O'Duighan, and it established itself as a Socialist state. A One-Party state was then instituted and the nation began dropping Democracy in favor of a Libertarian Dictatorship. Eventually on 10 March 2021 the country converted to Communism, and was renamed to the Communal People's Republic of Wamong, ending the Republican Era for good. The country remained quite stable after the Communists seized power. They began instituting a new state sponsored ideology called Duighanism, established a one-party state, and began heavily pushing the De-Americanization policies instituted by Harold Duighan back during the existence of the former nation of O'Duighan. By around April 2021, they had consolidated power and began focusing solely on the economy which was by this point suffering greatly. The GDP per capita shrank from $30 on 5 April to only $13 by 5 May, which is around %56 decrease. However, the party has made that the greatest priority. On 14 April 2021, the Wamongian government funded self-coups across several nations, and overthrew their governments and made them Communist states. The nation then formed the People's Protection Pact, a pro-Duighanist military alliance.

Picture of the flag of Wamong, 2021.

On 2 May 2021, the Wamongian government declared war over the Northwestern Region, a region controlled by the Arthurian Empire, Kingdom of Begon, and the State of Ironside. The war was short and ended with the region being ceded to Wamong on 6 May, with no fighting ever occurring, though the Wamongians intended to make an attack if the war went on long enough.

Present Day

Today, the Wamongian nation is stronger than ever, and is slowly becoming a micronational power. However, the economy has been lagging, and has developed into a crisis, though it is slowly being fixed. The nation has also continued attempting to develop their culture so the nation may begin it's journey towards becoming a fully independent sovereign state.

Politics and Government

The Communal People's Republic of Wamong is governed as a One-Party Communist State by the Working People's Duighanist Party, which follows the nation's homegrown ideology called Duighanism. The nation has been led by the WPDP since 10 March 2021, which was after the Communist takeover in the nation during the so-called "Republican Era" (2019-2021), where the nation had a multi-party system.The nation has a legislature known as the People's Central Communal Committee. It has 3 members currently, and is headed by the President of Wamong. It serves as the highest lawmaking body in the nation, and is used to make legislation and such. The nation is led by the President who heads the entire nation and government. They have a vote in the legislature, and head the People's Tribunal, which serves as the supreme court in the nation and is tasked with trying and charging criminals.

Law and Order

The nation has no police force, instead, the military serves as the main police force for the nation. The People's Tribunal is the main court in the nation. The People's Tribunal is tasked with trying and charging those who commit crimes. Such crimes consist of treason against the government, such as planning a coup, or committing murder and such. The nation does not have the death penalty, so those who are tried may either be deported and have their citizenship revoked, be imprisoned, or be refused certain benefits given by the government.

Foreign Relations

Diplomatic Relations of Wamong as of May 2021

The nation has very few foreign relations with any nations. Currently, the nation recognizes all member states and observer states in the U.N., all members and observers in it's alliance called the People's Protection Pact, and the Arthurian Empire, it's closest ally. It has no diplomatic missions to any U.N.-recognized nations, however, there are plans to create an embassy to the United States of America. Its foreign relations began around 2 March 2021, when the government began building relations with nations that were associated with the former government of O'Duighan. However, most of the nations associated with O'Duighan collapsed, such as the Seabourgian Commonwealth, which fell apart on 8 April. Another nation, known as the Republic of Manitoba, collapsed in May due to the government being couped. The nation has mostly maintained relations with the Arthurian Empire and the Kingdom of Begon, as they are closely associated with Wamong due to the O'Duighan Civil War. Diplomatic missions are also being prepared with U.N.-recognized nations in preparation for the nation's eventual planned independence in 2029.

Organizations Wamong is Associated with

Organization Status Notes
Micronational Assembly Member Joined on 3 March 2021
League of Micronations Not a member Applied, but was rejected due to allegations of Authoritarianism, and due to criticism of government structure.
Grand Unified Micronational Pending Application is pending.

Administrative Regions

The nation has 5 administrative regions, called Communes. These regions are the Commune of Eden, the Commune of Basementia, the Commune of Potatia, the Commune of Haroldstadt, and the Commune of Shed. The nation also has an autonomous region, though it is actually a colony, called the Autonomous Chair Colony of Wamong.


The military of Wamong consists of the People's Red Army of Wamong, which has 4 soldiers. The People's Red Army was formed on 2 March 2021, out of the remnants of the Duighan People's Red Army, which was the military of the Great States of O'Duighan, after it collapsed. Before that, Wamong lacked a solid military, besides the leader himself, and the so-called "Wamong Military", which was an unorganized mess for most of the nation's history after its founding, due to the fact that Wamong was inactive for a long time.


Macronational Classifications
Index Score
Democracy Index 5.4
Micronational Classifications
Index Score
Bloodsmythe-Tallini System of Classification Bricks and Mortar, Tiny, Statehood, 6th World
Dresner's System of Classification 2.2
Economic Potential Index 1.5

Geography and Climate

The geography of Wamong consists of flat grasslands and average wooded areas. The wildlife in Wamong consist of robins, cardinals, bluebirds, as well as white tailed deer and gray squirrels. There is also a groundhog that is well-known by Wamongian residents, who have named him Bob the Groundhog. Other natural phenomena consist of pine trees and sunflowers, which grow regularly during the summer. Wamong has a climate that consists of snows around November to March, and hot summers from April to October. This type of geography and climate is common around Pennsylvania.

Climate data for Wamong
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 0
Average low °C (°F) -7.2
[citation needed]

Culture and Media

The culture of Wamong is influenced mainly by American culture, though it also has minor influences of German culture as well. It has slowly begun developing into it's own culture, however, due to the government's policy of "De-Americanization", which aims to do away with American culture and attempt to create a fully developed "Wamongian" culture.

National Holidays

24 November - New Year's Day (Duighan National Calendar)

1 January - New Year's Day (Gregorian Calendar)

15 February - Freedom Day

19 February - Unification Day

10 March - Revolution Day

9 September - Mao Remembrance Day

10 October - Edenian Cat Day

31 October - Halloween

7 November - October Socialist Revolution Day

25 December - Christmas


Currently, there is not much literature being written in Wamong. The only types of written media in Wamong consist of the nation's only newspaper, Wamong Communal News. However, there is the Principles of Duighanism, a small document that states the ideals of the Duighanist ideology. However, Wamong is a nation that promotes literature and reading. The most popular books in the nation as of now are War of the Worlds and Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong, which is one of Harold Duighan's favorite books.


The nation lacks much in media, besides the nation's newspaper, Wamong Communal News. However, there are plans to grow the media output by branching out into radio broadcasts, and eventually television. The nation has a game development company that develops video games in the nation. It is the only company that does this.

State Symbols

This poster is an example of Wamongian Nationalism. Translation: "Fight for Freedom! Fight for Wamong! Fight for Communism!"

Wamong's flag consists of a tricolor, which has a blue bar on the right, a white bar in the middle, and a purple bar on the left. The flag then has a red star in the center. The blue symbolizes intelligence, the white symbolizes purity and peace, and the purple symbolizes Christ and religion. These colors are meant to symbolize some of the basic values of Duighanism, the nation's ideology. The red star symbolizes Socialism and Communism.

The national emblem consists of a laurel with a red star in the center, and the red star is in the center of a sun. The laurels symbolize the people and the land of Wamong, the red star symbolizes Communism and Socialism, and the Sun symbolizes the Heavens, and God himself. Once again, the emblem was made symbolize the basic values of Duighanism. The ideology of Duighanism is a central part of Wamongian culture. Many of the national symbols and media distributed by Wamong are made to promote or symbolize the basic principles and values of Duighanist ideology as a whole.


The nation also promotes a sense of Nationalism as well, especially with propaganda. Nationalism was heavily pushed after the Communist took power and began instituting "De-Americanization" policies. The Duighanish language was promoted by using it in propaganda, the Duighan National Calendar was made the official calendar, and the nation even adopted Duighan National Time, the nation's own official time zone, which is set at UTC -3:50. The government wanted to create a separate identity for those who are citizens of Wamong, in order to prepare and create their own independence movement, so that the nation can finally separate from the United States fully.


GDP per capita for Wamong from 5 April 2021 to 7 May 2021.

Wamong's economy is extremely small, consisting of only a small commercial industry. They have a GDP of $120, which accounts for a per capita GDP of only about $6, which has been steadily decreasing due to increased population growth, which is causing strain on the economy and heightening the growing moves towards a potential economic plan to boost the economy. It is unknown when such plans will be official, but they have been tossed around in the national government for some time. The currency is also quite weak, only being pegged at about 1 U.S. cent to a U.S. dollar, meaning $1 is 100 WM. It is hoped that soon when the economy begins growing, that some form of industry can be formed so the currency can become a commodity currency and actually gain some worth.

However, such plans are not in motion as of currently, so the economy is sitting in immense stagnation and lacking any growth. However, despite this, a minor amount of aid has been coming in since 5 April, so that can provide some stability for the nation's ailing economy. The government has also created a department for running the economy called the Department for the National Economy, which shall hopefully grow the national economy and fix the economic crisis.

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