Working People's Duighanist Party

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Working People's Duighanist Party
Woukiegae Poupuolaesae Duegaenietae Paetiejae (Duighanish)
Head ChairmanHarold Duighan
Founded10 March 2021
Legalised10 March 2021
Dissolved16 June 2021
HeadquartersEdenville, Wamong
NewspaperWamong Communal News
Youth wingRevolutionary Youth of Wamong
Armed wingDemocratic Army of Wamong
Membership (2021)4
State Socialism
Christian Socialism
Political positionFar Left
National affiliationPFFW
Colors  Red,   Blue
SloganFor Freedom, we shall fight!

"All Hail The WPDP!"
People's Central Communal Committee
3 / 6
People's Tribunal
3 / 3
Party flag

The Working People's Duighanist Party was a political party in the Democratic Republic of Wamong. It was the sole political party in the nation from 10 March 2021 to 10 June 2021, when a Pro-Democracy coup led to it's downfall. It has since been replaced by the Independent Party of Wamong, the party that preceded it.


The Working People's Duighanist Party was founded on 10 March 2021, after Wamong converted to a Communist system. It eventually became the sole ruling party in the country, though it did allow for other parties to participate in government eventually, but they had to be in a coalition with the WPDP, and they also had to be approved by the government and by the ruling party executives.


There are several other nations and governments that have ruling parties or governments that follow Duighanism and are influenced by the WPDP:

Nations with Duighanist Parties
Party Nation In power since
Revolutionary Duighanist Front of Jesus People's Republic of Jesus 10 May 2021
Deeglandian Duighanist Party People's State of Deeglandia 14 April 2021
East Ezekiel People's Party East Ezekiel People's Republic 20 April 2021
Socialist People's Party of West Ezekiel Socialist State of West Ezekiel 20 April 2021
Comrade Party People's Union of New Soviet Land 18 December 2019

Electoral History

Election Votes Result
2021 Wamongian Elections 100% 1 out 6 seats in People's Council

1 out of 6 seats in Economic Council

Appointment of 1 judge in People's Tribunal

2021 Wamongian Snap Elections 57% 4 out of 6 seats in People's Council

4 out of 6 seats in Economic Council

Appointment of 2 judges in People's Tribunal, winning 100% control of People's Tribunal

Propaganda poster promoting the WPDP.