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Holy Republic of Mushroomia
Anthem: Praise our God!
Mushroomia map.png
Mushroomia at its greatest extent. (2017-2018)
StatusUnrecognized state
Official languagesEnglish
Religion(2021)11% Islam (official)
55% Christianity
33% Unaffiliated
GovernmentUnitary One-Party Christian Directorial Republic
under a military junta
• Lord
Harold Duighan
Vincent Ironside
Kira Duighan
Independence from the United States
• Established
14 January 2014; 7 years ago (2014-01-14)
(14 January 1981)
• Jakeist Dictatorship
1 September 2016; 5 years ago (2016-09-01)
(1 September 1983)
• Transition to Republic
1 May 2018; 3 years ago (2018-05-01)
(1 May 1985)
• Subjugated by Wamong
30 August 2018; 3 years ago (2018-08-30)
(30 August 1985)
• Current Constitution
8 June 2020; 17 months ago (2020-06-08)
(8 June 1987)
• Invasion of Wamong
14 July 2021; 4 months ago (2021-07-14)
(14 July 1988)
30 July 2021; 3 months ago (2021-07-30)
(30 July 1988)
• 2021 estimate
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
HDI (2021)0.321
CurrencyMushroomian Moss
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+1

Edenistan, officially known as the Islamic Caliphate of Edenistan, and formerly known as Mushroomia, Mossia, and Eden, is a nation founded by Harold Duighan on 14 January 2014. It is governed as an Islamic caliphate, with a constitutional monarchy. Islam is the official religion. It was founded as a Republic in 2014, but quickly became a One Party Communist state, before the Communist government collapsed in 2020, when the nation became a Christian Theocracy. The Christian Theocracy ended in 2021, after the nation became an Islamic state, which was on 16 August.



The first beginnings of Mushroomia can be traced back to 1925, when the land that now houses the nation began to be built on, though settlements on the territory can be traced back all the way to 1754. However, the first true Mushroomian people were not born until 1979, when Harold's father was born in South Carolina. This society, known as the "Carolinian Civilization", was more or less a protectorate of the United States of America. By the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the 2000s, gradual independence came and on 2006, the Carolinian Republic was formed, which was a puppet state to the United States.

Early History

2012 - 2014 Emblem of the Carolinian Republic.

The predecessor state of Mushroomia, known as the Carolinian Republic, which was a non-serious nation that was supposedly formed on 5 April 2006, though undeclared, was conceptualized based around the supposed idea that Harold's house was run as a Kingdom, with his parents as the Monarchs. This is similar to how the Cat Nation was created and such. It lasted from 5 April 2006 until Mushroomia's foundation. However, it eventually helped peak Harold's fascination with government.

The Carolinian Republic continues on as the Second Carolinian Republic, which was founded right after the dissolution of the original. It is a puppet state to Mushroomia.


Mushroomia was created when Harold was a little kid, after he began dreaming of making his own nation. He had begun making comics and stories in his school and passing them around in his school, and became quite popular. At this time, he was also interested in making his own nation like Molossia and Sealand had done. Thus, he decided to combine both of his new interests, as well as his love for mushrooms, into a nation. In January of 2014, he birthed Mushroomia.

Communist Regime

Harold decided to quickly make a Communist regime within the next month in February 2014. He created the Communist Party of Mossia. It remained in power for a long period until 1 September 2016, when the party split, and a new party was formed, the Jakeist Faction, which seized power in a self-coup. In 2017 the CPM would be dissolved and remade into a new party of the same name before it was then renamed to the Duighanist Party.

Totalitarian Dictatorship

Between 2016 and 2018, the country fell under a Totalitarian dictatorship ruled by Jake B. This dictatorship was characterized by increasing control by the government over every aspect of its life. However, it gradually began to collapse by 2017, and in October of that year, a civil war began. It led to the nation splitting apart, and after about half a year, the fighting ended in May 2018, and the dictatorship fell apart.

Transition from Dictatorship

After the fall of the dictatorship, the nation fell under a transitional government. The country was invaded by Wamong after the civil war in June, though the country did not surrender until 30 August 2018. The nation effectively became a puppet afterwards, though in reality, they were still fully independent, as they only paid lip service to Edenville. The transitional government lasted until 20 July 2020, and the country officially solidified a One Party State under the Duighanist Party.

End of Communism

Communism would collapse in Mushroomia on 3 January 2020, after Harold was enlightened by God and chose to ditch politics and make the Duighanist Party into an Apolitical party that was just the political arm of his church, the Holy Church of Eternal Salvation, which at that time was known as the Mossian Christian Church. This ended nearly 6 years of Communist rule in Mushroomia.

Invasion of Wamong

State of Wamong on July 15 2021. Red is Wamongian territory, Blue is Mushroomian territory.

For nearly 3 years, Mushroomia was subjugated by Wamong, until 14 July 2021 when Wamong began to collapse due to internal problems and foreign intervention. Due to this, Mushroomia decided to invade the country and began to take over large swathes of land within about two days. Currently, they control nearly half of the entire country of Wamong.

Gradual Isolation and Collapse of Mushroomia

After Wamong collapsed into ruin, Mushroomia took the mantle as the sole superpower of the so-called Duighan Sector, which consists of every nation ever formed by Harold Duighan. Wamong collapsed on 16 July 2021, and Mushroomia absorbed all of the Wamongian territories. Mushroomia remained in existence until 30 July 2021, when it renamed itself to Eden. Around this time, Mushroomia also began rapidly transitioning into a Theocracy, and was harassed by the Demons who want to destroy it. This led to immense controversy, and the nation retracted into isolationism.

Historical Eras

Era Time Frame Date Began Date End Total Length
Early Republic 2014 - 2016 14 January 2014 1 September 2016 2 years, 231 days
Jakeist Era 2016 - 2018 1 September 2016 1 May 2018 1 year, 242 days
Transitional Era 2018 - 2020 1 May 2018 20 June 2020 2 years, 50 days
Contemporary Republic 2020 - present 20 July 2020 present 1 year, 161 days

Politics and Government

Wamong is a Socialist Republic that is ruled by the Duighanist Party, which was founded by Harold Duighan on 20 February 2017, after Harold and Jake began to split apart. Jake himself never made a party, though a faction did form in the nation that consisted of only himself. The Duighanist Party exists to this day, and still rules the nation. The country at the time was not necessarily Socialist, but slowly moved towards Socialism as Harold's views changed around late 2020. It has been governed as essentially a One Party State since 2017, though that was not official.


The Constitution of Mushroomia, which was created when the nation was founded, was a simple document that outlined the system of government for the nation. It essentially stated that the people would elect a singular leader who held all power and served for life, and that there would be a legislature that voted on laws. The constitution was very simplistic, and it has been considered that it may need to be amended at some point later on.


Elections have been held every year on 1 January, barring the elections in 2014 which were held on the nation's founding. These elections were for the legislature, which consists of 12 members. Most of the elections were Non-Partisan ones until 2016, when factions and parties began to form in the nation.

Election Parties Victor Results Seat Distribution Leader Co-Leader Notes
2014 Independent Independent
Harold Duighan Ezzy Duighan *Results are the same for these elections.
2015 Independent Independent
2016 Independent,

Jakeist Faction

2017 Independent,

Jakeist Faction,

Duighanist Party

Jakeist Faction
Jake Harold Duighan
2018 Independent,

Jakeist Faction,

Duighanist Party

Jakeist Faction
2019 Independent,

Jakeist Faction,

Duighanist Party

Duighanist Party
Harold Duighan Kira Duighan
2020 Independent,

Jakeist Faction,

Duighanist Party

Duighanist Party
2021 Independent,

Duighanist Party

Duighanist Party
2021 II Christian State Party,

Duighanist Party,

Jakeist Faction

Christian State Party
Lord's Council 2021.svg
Ludwig Brienovic


Symbol of the Mushroomian People's Assembly.

The nation has a legislature, known as the Mushroomian People's Assembly, which consists of 12 members. It is a unicameral legislature, and maintains all of the governmental power. It is dominated by the ruling party, the Duighanist Party.

Role of the Ruling Party

The ruling party, known as the Duighanist Party, has immense power. They are essentially the single legal party of the nation, due to political maneuvering made after Jake B.'s downfall. They have held at least 4 party congresses so far, and have attempted to develop the nation further. However, despite this, the party still allows for Democracy to persist in the country, and has allowed for opposition parties to run. The Jakeist Faction was still allowed to run until Jake B.'s was formally put on trial on 3 September 2020, which led to his exile. Independent Candidates have remained the only formal opposition since Jake B. was exiled for human rights abuses and war crimes committed during the Mushroomian Civil War.


There is no formal court system in Mushroomia, so the legislature is tasked with handling it by setting up a special committee known as the Mushroomian National Legal Committee. This committee was formed in 2017 after the Duighanist Party was formed, though it was not recognized as legitimate by the government. It was formalized on 1 May 2018, and handled its first case on 3 September 2020 with the so-called "Tyranny Trials", where the main perpetrators of the Mushroomian Civil War, and the main rulers of the Jakeist dictatorship were put on trial for human rights abuses and war crimes. This led to Jake B., who had managed to remain unscathed from the fallout of his downfall, finally being tried and charged for his actions, and he was then exiled from the country. Since then, no other trials have been made.


Name Chief Executive In Since Flag Emblem Anthem Date Formed
Holy People's Republic of Temple Gate Kira Duighan 10 October 2020
10 October 2020
Holy People's Republic of Eden Sam Duighan 1 January 2021
8 June 2020
Holy People's Republic of Heaven's Gate Ezzy Duighan 1 May 2018
14 January 2014
Holy People's Republic of Lord's Land Jake B. 1 January 2018
1 September 2016
The Cleansed Area None 15 July 2021

Foreign Relations


All U.N. member states (2014)

Transnistria (2016)

Human Rights


The government heavily censors imagery that goes against the Bible. Demonic and Satanic images are banned, and any promotion of such images or ideas are banned. Promotion of religions other than Christianity are also restricted as well.


Preaching the word of God

The government of Mushroomia has received much controversy over the years at home and abroad. Such controversy mainly surrounds the government's many attempts to turn people away from the Demons that plague this Earth. This includes attempts to proselytize and form churches in other nations in hopes of preventing people from succumbing to Lucifer's lies and prevent the false thoughts and mind control from spreading, and leading people to succumb to the Seeds of Evil that are planted in our minds. The nation's leader, Harold Duighan has been told by the government of Cycoldia that he exhibits signs of Schizophrenia, and needs to see a doctor, and the nation has been barred from entering several organizations such as the GUM and the Micronational Assembly, as they regard him as either a fraud, troll, or mentally insane. Several other foreign governments and individuals have stated that Harold is mentally unstable, and clearly needs help. These allegations however are clearly fraudulent and lies formed by the Demons planting false thoughts in people's minds, for how can I be insane if it is real? I am not insane, I am perfectly coherent, you just need to see the light, my friends, look at the sky, and see the light!

Funding of Foreign Governments

At home, there have been calls to cut funding of foreign governments. Since Mushroomia's foundation, the government has poured money into the Carolinian Worker's Republic. Currently, as of 2021, 31% of Mushroomia's GDP has been used to fund the CWR. This has led to outcry from citizens, who believe that Mushroomia should cut funding to the CWR, in order to save the economy, which has been in decline due to the increased funding. In 2020, an economic crisis rocked Mushroomia, as well as several other nations such as Wamong and the CWR, and in order to keep the CWR afloat economically, more money was poured in to fund them, and the Mushroomian economy went down even further. The average GDP per Capita of a Mushroomian citizen in 2020 was at about $120, in 2021, due to funding increases to the CWR, it dropped to $110. In 2019, it was at $303, and the economic crisis caused it to drop by 60%, and the funding increases only caused it to drop further. Thus, calls to cut funding have increased.


The army of the nation was formerly the Mushroomian Revolutionary Army, until that was dissolved after Mushroomia collapsed and became Eden. On 30 July 2021, the Holy Order of Christ, now known as the Christian People's Army, which was formed in 2020, took over as the defense force. It consists of 9 soldiers, as conscription is compulsory for all citizens over the age of 15.


Mushroomia's economy is minimal. It relies solely on economic aid to get by. It's currency is the Mushroomian Moss, which has existed since its foundation. Its currency uses an Aluminum standard, as the currency is pegged to the value of Aluminum. The rate is 1 MM = 1 gram of Aluminum, meaning 1 Mushroomian Moss is equal to the value of a gram of Aluminum.