Mushroomian Civil War

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Mushroomian Civil War
Part of the Shroom Affair
Date30 October 2017 - 1 May 2018
(30 October 1897 - 1 May 1898)
(6 months and 1 day)
Result Anti-Government victory, Jakeist Mushroomia is overthrown
Jakeist-flag.png Pro-Government forces
Jakeist-flag.png Pro-Government Soldiers
Supported by:
 United States (after 2017)
Transitional-flag.png Anti-Government Forces
Supported by
Swf2.png Wamong
Commanders and leaders
Jakeist-flag.png Jake B.  Surrendered
Flag of the United States.png Alex W. (WIA)
Flag of the United States.png Jake C.  Surrendered
Transitional-flag.png Harold Duighan
Transitional-flag.png Ezzy Duighan
Transitional-flag.png Kira Duighan
Units involved
Jakeist-flag.png Mushroomian Militia Transitional-flag.png Mushroomian Revolutionary Army
8 5
Casualties and losses
3 wounded
3 missing
2 wounded

The Mushroomian Civil War, also known as the Mossian Civil War, was a conflict fought in Mushroomia between Pro-Government forces and Anti-Government forces. The Pro-Government forces, supported by the United States, fought to retain Jake B.'s Totalitarian dictatorship, whilst Anti-Government forces, controlled by Harold Duighan and supported by Wamong, sought to overthrow it. It lasted for just over 6 months, and ended with Jake B. being overthrown.


The dictatorship of Jake B. began in September of 2016, when he seized power. The dictatorship remained quite stable for over a year, until the start of 2017 when division began to grow. It eventually led to Harold Duighan and Jake B. splitting apart in October 2017, and on 30 October, war began.


First Clashes

The first battles began a while after Jake B. and Harold Duighan began to split apart in the government. They consisted of several raids and attempts to slander Harold, such as Harold being attacked on the stairs and nearly shoved down them, or other attempts to make him look like a fool in classes. However, these propaganda techniques failed. Instead, Harold got backed by others and gained support.

Battle of the Forest

From 1 to the 23 December 2017, a small battle began on the playground of the school in a small patch of trees called Loop Forest. It began after an American called Alex W. came out with a dodgeball and another American, and they both started throwing the dodgeball at Harold. Harold attempted to fight back, throwing the dodgeball back at them, and hitting Alex with it. However, it led to a major defeat, and Harold was forced to surrender there. However, a few days later, he did attempt to take it back, but was met with the same resistance, and by 23 December 2017, Christmas break began, and he gave up on trying to take it back.

The Playground Campaign

From 4 January to 29 January 2018, a new campaign was planned. This was called the Playground Campaign. It was intended to be used to stop Jake B. However, it was mostly unsuccessful. At one point, Jake C. an American, came out with another American, and decided to attack Harold. Harold then got into a small fight with them, and they both fled. Harold was left injured, but was able to secure some territory as a result of this fight. However, the stalemate continued.

The Great Dome Siege

There was a dome built in the center of the playground that was always fought over by everyone. Harold tried to take it over, and battled Jake B. over it. It led to many fights, with occasional rock throwing, but mostly arguments. However, Harold never gained control of the Dome. This campaign lasted from the start of the war until the end of January. Harold instead, due to the failure of this campaign, fled to what was called the Big Rock, which he had maintained control over and claimed for years.

The Battles of the Rock

By he start of February 2018, Jake B. began to gradually lose strength. Most had deserted or surrendered, and the only remaining forces he had by 2018 was about 3-4 soldiers. Harold and Jake B. continuously fought over the Big Rock, and it led to numerous shoving matches. The First Battle of the Rock began on 5 February 2018 to 1 April 2018. This was a victory for Harold and his forces, as he managed to secure the Big Rock. However, Jake B. was desperate to win, and attempted to secure the Big Rock in the Second Battle of the Rock, which lasted from 6 April 2018 to 30 April 2018.

The Great Grass Battle

The last battle came on 1 May 2018, when Jake B., in his last ditch attempt to win, rushed at Harold in the middle of a grass field on the playground. He yelled at Harold, and ran at him. However, Harold just stood his ground, and shoved Jake B. down on the ground in a short shoving match which led to a major victory for Harold, and Jake B. ran away, and surrendered. This effectively marked the end of the war.