Wamongian Political Crisis

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Wamongian Political Crisis

Wamong after the Coup that overthrew the One party government in the country.
Date10 – 16 June 2021 (6 days)
Status Currently Active
North Wamong
Democratic Army of Wamong
South Wamong
Army mutineers
Diplomatic Support:
Republic of Freedonia
Commanders and leaders
Harold Duighan
Vincent Ironside
Kira Duighan (POW)
Sam Duighan
Chibi Duighan Surrendered
Johnni Duighan
Elle Duighan
Bob Groundhog Surrendered
Units involved
5 7

The Wamongian Political Crisis is an ongoing political crisis in the nation of Wamong. The crisis is between two factions, the Pro-government faction, and the Pro-democracy faction. It began on 10 June 2021 after dissidents in the Working People's Duighanist Party staged a coup and overthrew the One-Party Socialist government of Harold Duighan, who had been ruling the country for over 3 years.


Events before the Crisis

The nation was ruled by the Working People's Duighanist Party before the coup. They came to power on the waves of a massive revolution in the country that ended 3 years of Republicanism in the nation, and the nation became a Maoist Communist state, under One-Party rule. However, the Communist state fell apart on 21 May 2021, when the WPDP ended its support of Communism, and it began transitioning to Socialism, which was completed on 3 June 2021, when a transitional military junta was formed. Some members in government hoped this was a transition to democracy, though Harold snuffed those hopes out by privately announcing to some of his fellow government officials that he was intending to implement Democratic Centralism into the party. This would have destroyed whatever influence the Pro-democracy faction of the WPDP had left, and forced them out of government. Thus, the Pro-democracy faction members staged a coup.

The Coup

The coup began on 10 June 2021, after the Pro-democracy faction members forced several of the Communes in the government to secede, which were the Communes of Eden and Shed. They then asked several of the members of the former Republican Party of Wamong to join them in the rebellion, and this led to the Communes of Basementia and Haroldstadt to secede next. Edenville was then captured, and Harold Duighan was forced to resign from office. He fled north to the town of Pot in the Commune of Potatia, and stated that he would not surrender to the rebels. Protests continued in the rebelling Communes, where people demanded Vincent Ironside, the President of Wamong, to resign. He refused, stating he would never stand down to rebels, though Harold urged him to resign, and flee North. Vincent resigned on 11 June 2021. The coup was completed, and new leaders were appointed by the rebels.

Aftermath of the Coup

On 11 June 2021, the Southern rebels proclaimed the Republic of Wamong, under the leadership of the newly-reformed Republican Party of Wamong, and the newly-formed People's Revolutionary Socialist Party. The pro-government forces in the North proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Wamong, which was still under the control of the WPDP and continued One-Party rule. It formed a Provisional government under control of the Provisional National Council, and Vincent Ironside became the Head Administrator of the PNC.


Wamong split into two factions, and it led to violent clashes that led to chaos spreading across the country. Several expeditions were made by the Pro-Democracy faction, who intended to crush the hard line Conservative Communists in the north. However, they were unsuccessful, and led to the South depleting resources.

Elections and Negotiations for Peace

The North and South both stood down, realizing nothing was going to come out of the crisis. They held elections on 16 June 2021, with all three parties running, though the WPDP dissolved on the day of the elections, reforming into the Independent Party of Wamong. The IPW won with over 60% of the vote. The RPW shortly after merged with the IPW. The PSRP was reduced to only a weak radical party.

International Response

Most nations expressed worry about this crisis, as they hoped Wamong would not fall into chaos. However, most stated they could not help.

  • Republic of Freedonia - After the announcement of the coup by Wamongian news outlets, the Freedonian government announced they would give their "moral support" to the rebels in their fight against "Leftist tyranny".