Free State of O'Duighan

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Free State of O'Duighan

Motto: For Freedom, we shall fight!
Anthem: Hail Duighan!
and largest city
Official languagesDuighanish, English
LegislatureNational Council
• Census
CurrencyDuighan Moss (DM)
Time zoneDuighan National Time (DNT)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's Socialist Republic of O'Duighan
People's Socialist Republic of O'Duighan

The Free State of O'Duighan is a nation located in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. It was formed by Simbach A. Vazo after it seceded from the People's Socialist Republic of O'Duighan after State President Harold Duighan refused to abolish the One-Party Socialist State in the nation.


On 2/6/2021, Harold Duighan proclaimed the People's Socialist Republic of O'Duighan after he announced the abolition of the Fascist government. However, he never officially announced the transition until a few days later, on 2/9/2021. This caused Harold's former Vice President, Simbach A. Vazo to fly into a rage, stating that he should have informed his citizens of the transition. He told Harold to abolish the Socialist government, but Harold refused. As a result, Simbach proclaimed the Free State of O'Duighan, a rebel government. After the declaration, Harold declared war on the new government, and proclaimed that Simbach was an Enemy of the State, and intended to put him on trial for treason.

Civil War

After the declaration of independence, Harold Duighan declared war on his government, beginning the O'Duighan Civil War.

First days of the war (2/9/2021 - 2/11/2021)

Immediately after the beginning of the war, Simbach began rallying Harold's citizens to rebel. This lead to a literal political split in the nation, forming two factions, the Democrats, who supported the rebels and the Socialists, who supported the Socialist government. Harold, realizing the situation was turning dire, called upon his allies in the Arthurian Empire to support his nation. Vincent I declared his support for Harold, and he brought his other allies from Kingdom of Begon and the Seabourgian Commonwealth to support the Socialist government. Begon and Arthuria were granted land, and the Socialist government was able to make a large incursion into O'Duighan, and the Free State of O'Duighan began being pushed back. Harold called for Simbach to surrender, but Simbach refused, stating that he will never surrender until he abolished the Socialist government, but Harold refused to abolish the Socialist government, so the war continued.

Map of O'Duighan Civil War, (2/9/2021)

Stalemate and attempts at peace (2/12/2021 - 2/15/2021)

After several attempts at peace by Harold that failed, the war drew to a stalemate. Simbach attacked Harold, citing that he was a traitor who supported Imperialists, due to him giving several other nations land to be made into colonies, and Harold attacked Simbach, citing that he was a traitor for seceding from the nation for no reason, which Simbach responded to by saying that Harold was a tyrant who did not notify his people about the transition to a Socialist state. This continued for some time, until both sides stopped talking to one another.

Planned military operations to end the war (2/16/2021 - 2/17/2021)

Peace talks by this point had broken down, and Harold realized that action needed to be taken in order to end the war. He went to Vincent I of Arthuria, who he had appointed to General of the Duighan People's Red Army, and they began creating a new military operation to be used as a show of force to Simbach, called Operation Red Fury. This plan was devised to be used a way to get Simbach to back down, and as a way to have leverage to declare victory and end the war.

Operation Red Fury and Collapse (2/17/2021 - 2/19/2021)

On February 17, Harold Duighan commenced Operation Red Fury, which was an immense victory. The Free State rebel forces were defeated in less than an hour, which led to the Free State of O'Duighan to collapse. A day later, a peace treaty was signed, known as the Treaty of Edenville, which was signed by all the nations in the Pro-Socialist Coalition. The day after that, the treaty was ratified, and the war ended with the Free State of O'Duighan being dissolved.