Monarchy of Etukan

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Emperor of Etukan
O'Hair Imperial Badge.png
Imperial Badge
Zecheriah O'Hair

since 11 May 2019
StyleHis Imperial Majesty
TypeConstitutional Monarch
ResidenceWalloa House, Imperial Province of Walloa
AppointerPrevious Monarch
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Empire of Etukan
Inaugural holderZecheriah O'Hair
Formation11 May 2019; 3 years ago (2019-05-11)

The Monarchy of Etukan, also known as the Etukara Monarchy, is the most senior branch of the executive branch of the Etukara government, by which a sovereign reigns as head of state of the entire country and all it's mandates and dominions. The incumbent Emperor is Zecheriah O'Hair, who ascended to the throne when the monarchy was founded on the 11th of May, 2019.

The monarch of Etukan is decided by inheritance, although an incumbent monarch may select anyone to be their heir presumptive if they do not have a child.


The monarchy of Etukan was first established on the 11th of May, 2019, after a referendum the previous few days had shown that the public were in favour of re-establishing the socialist system of the Federation of Rocky Point Island to be upheld by a constitutional monarch. O'Hair, who had previously served as Chairman of the Federation, was crowned the Emperor of Etukan. The monarchy of Etukan continued to function during the short existence of the Republic of Eora from the 30th of June until the 8th of July, 2019. The Emperor of Etukan had near-complete political control of the country by the appointment of the Imperial Cabinet, until the adoption of Etukan's constitution on the 29th of December, 2019.

Duties and Powers

The monarch of Etukan may

  • Appoint ministers to take care of the lesser duties of their ministry.
  • Permanently represent, choose the Representative for, or conduct the elections for the Representative in the province in which they reside for the High Council of Etukan.
  • Move the national capital to their residence.
  • Appoint diplomats and sign minor diplomatic treaties.
  • Invoke emergency powers if the entire High Council present is in favour, granting the monarch total control of the country.

List of Etukara Monarchs

No Picture Name Took office Left office Time in office Notes
1 O'Hair Imperial Badge.png His Imperial Majesty
Zecheriah O'Hair
11 May 2019 Incumbent 3 years, 51 days First Emperor of Etukan.