Kingdom of Australand

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Kingdom of Australand
Kingdom of Australand.jpgNocoa.png

Australia Australand Map.png Map of the Australandian metropolitan territories
Capital cityCremorne Palace
Largest cityCremorne Palace
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christian
Short nameAustraland
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Time zoneAWST

Australand, officially the Kingdom of Australand is a sovereign country comprising of parts of mainland Western Australia and colonies around the globe. The country was originaly a Grand Duchy. The Founder of Australand, King William the first has fought many battles to secure his reign in the Kingdom. After the Mantein Coup, His Majesty and other loyalists were forced underground, however later returned to power.


The Troubles - Grand Duchy

The Grand Duchy of Australand was created in 2016. It was the prelude to the Kingdom and was corrupt and unstable. Political turmoil made the Duchy rife with coups, countercoups, reformations and civil wars.

During the first election, the candidates were rife with corruption. Then candidate, Patrick Kenny, orchestrated a coup against the ruling government. This coup ended in a success for the Prime Minister to be, but stated a long chain of events that ended with the dissolution of the Duchy. The coup, which was supported by most, ended with a Constitutional Monarchy being imposed, in which the king had supreme control over all matters of government.

Direct Rule

After the fall of the military junta, the kingdom was left bankrupt. The junta had burned all paperwork relating to citizenship, medical, military records and administrative processes. The king who never wished for another junta, banned the democratic government and ruled by decree. He appointed ministers that he trusted but the people grew restless. The authoritarian nature of the William regime left much to be desired. The use of force and heavy governmental taxes made the people submit a redress. The king, on advice from his Foreign Minister, Alex Dalton, accepted and the election was held of the 8 November 2017.


Kenny Ministry 2017-2018

With the first election, brought the first ministry. Patrick Kenny won the secret ballot 3-5 during the first sitting of all the kingdoms representatives. This first meeting created the ground work for all government institutions. During his tenure, the Kingdom of Australand went global with the creation of a discord server. Many controversial bills were passed, including the Better Dead law prohibiting all communist or communist sympathisers from government. The governments limited expansionist policy brought some land into the Kingdom, most importantly the Dominion of Albany. P.Kenny also wrote and ratified the Rules of the House of Lords which are still in use today.


The Kenny government consisted of:

  • Patrick Kenny - Prime Minister
  • Alex Dalton - Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Heath Kershaw - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Dylan Kershaw - Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Ethan Coetzee - Minister of Development
  • James Cooke - Minister of Defence
  • Jake Carpenter - Treasurer

Constitutional Crisis and Downfall

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alex Dalton, wished to set up a political party in the House, during this time political parties were banned in the constitution. Kenny wouldn't allow any political parties and vetoed the proposal. Angered, Dalton and the Kershaw Brothers created the Nafox Peoples Parties, a direct violation of the constitution. Prime Minister Kenny fired the 3 ministers but the King overruled wanted to keep cabinet together. So in retaliation, Kenny resigned finding it impossible to have a stable government with him as leader. This shocked no one but surprisingly, the King refused the Prime Ministers resignation, not wanting to call another election so soon after the first. The dead Kenny ministry continued with no sign of progress.

The foreign office was contacted by the Grand Republic of Cycoldia requesting diplomatic and military relations. The divided government hesitant at first created a treaty for both nations to sign. This *Treaty of Devour* was proposed by H.Kershaw but rejected by the House. It was heavily edited before any minister agreed to it or supported it. After a day, it was passed and the king gave consent. The foreign office who were the only ones allowed to send treaties to nations demanded an explanation when it was told that they Grand Republic had already signed the treaty when the Prime minister himself had sent the treaty, and the wrong treaty, he sent the original draft. On the 16 November 2018, the Prime Minister apologised to the house for misconduct, during his speech, Chancellor Alex demanded a vote of no confidence. The king agreed and the kenny government fell 1-7. After a secret balled, A.Dalton was asked to form government in the Kings name.

Dalton Ministry 2018-2019

Not wanting to risk a lose, Dalton didn't call a election and reshuffled the old Kenny Government, with P. Kenny still in it.


  • Alex Dalton - Prime Minister
  • Dylan Kershaw - Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Heath Kershaw - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Ethan Coetzee - Minister of the Interior
  • Patrick Kenny - Minister of Development
  • James Cooke - Minister of Defence
  • Jake Carpenter - Treasurer

Prime Minister Dalton run the nation with an iron fist. Sometimes referred to as the Iron Cabinet as press conference were few and leaks were little. During his tenure the constitution was updated with the nations first referendum allowing political parties inter House of Lords. A key feature of the dalton administration is the funding of the rocket program and the creating of the Australand National Defence Agency (A.N.D.A). This agency protects Australand from cyber attacks and holds the nations records.

With the general elections set for 10 November 2019, 2 major parties campaign, the Australand United Party headed by Admiral Barry Kenny, and the Nafox Union Party headed by Alex Dalton. The road to Election Day was long and twisted as foreign policy and expansionism as the main topic of debate. The Australand United Party coining the slogan, Populate or Perish, and a large expansionist policy wanting to create colonies and outposts across the west. Nafox was a hard line supporter of national identity and wanted to keep the kingdom in Hillarys.

The election was a big defeat for the both parties as neither was able to get a majority in the House. An unstable coalition was create under Admiral Barry Kenny.

B. Kenny - The Unstable Coalition 2019

Barry Kenny (born 19 July, 1946) was the most elderly person in government and was a known back room backstabber, but his uniting ability pathed the way for Australand to expand from Exmouth to Albany.


  • Barry Kenny - Prime Minister (AUP)
  • Patrick Kenny - Chancellor of the Exchequer (AUP)
  • Alex Dalton - Minister of Foreign Affairs (NPP)
  • James Cooke - Minister of the Interior (AUP)
  • Heath Kershaw - Minister of Colonial Affairs (NPP)
  • Phoebe Jones - Minister of Development (IND)
  • Dylan Kershaw - Minister of Defence (NPP)

The B.Kenny Ministry had a stance that naval expansion was needed to secure Australand Ports in Exmouth, Albany and Mandurah. Thats why he donated his ships to create the **first Australand Fleet**. This fleet was comprised of 1 scout ship, 1 destroyer and a 2 landing vessels. With this, a dock Mandurah, now Wannanup, was refitted so the feet could be stationed.

Second P.Kenny Ministry 2019-2020

Barry Kenny decided to retire from government to return to his naval career. The unstable coalition with no uniting figure collapsed and an election was called. It was a landslide victory for the United Australand, the new Party leader, Patrick Kenny was asked to form government.

During the Christmas recess the King called the Prime Minister to the Palace. The king had been invited to take the crown of the Kingdom of Dodskurvan. He accepted and the 2 nations are now under a personal union. Kenny's national policy was the continue rearmament of the military for a deterrence force. Supreme Commander of Australand Forces was set up and was under civilian management until the King found someone for the role.

William Ministry 2020-Present

The Wilhelm ministries' biggest task was tackling Covid and the unity of the Kingdom. During July the Kingdom signed an agreement with Unified Royal States of Australis, the Perth Accord. This agreement was to secure peace in Western Australia.