Australian Micronational Council

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Australian Micronational Council
TypeRegional Intermicronational Organization
Legal statusActive
Purpose/focusTo provide a diplomatic, trade and defence partnership between Australian micronations.
HeadquartersSydney, Australia
Region servedAustralia/Oceania
Key peopleZecheriah O'Hair, Matthew Hubbard
Parent organizationGlobal Micronational Council

The Australian Micronational Council is a micronational organisation that seeks to accommodate the new micronational community members to be active and useful. The organisation is currently facing a period of inactiveness, with founders seeking to reform the organistation.

Co-Prosperity Spheres

The Australian Micronational Council is divided into four Co-Prosperity spheres, which independently manage their own trade and diplomacy.

Sydney Co-Prosperity Sphere

The Sydney Co-Prosperity Sphere is headed by the Empire of Etukan.

Perth Co-Prosperity Sphere

The Perth Co-Prosperity Sphere is composed of two micronations, the Unified Royal States of Australis and the Kingdom of Australand. The main document that enforces policies and diplomacy within the PCPS is the Perth Accord.

Melbourne Co-Prosperity Sphere

Adelaide Co-Prosperity Sphere